Ladle handling

Vacuum plants

RH technology - ladle handling

Both RH snorkels must be immersed in the liquid steel before the vacuum process starts. That requires moving the ladle into treatment position and either lifting the ladle or lowering the vessel. Then, at the end of the process, this procedure is executed in reverse until the ladle is in take-over position.

Our ladle handling systems ensure:

  • Less crane handling and waiting 
  • Short RH cycle times
  • Safe ladle handling
  • Streamlined production

You can choose from two types of vessel lifting systems:

  • Winch type  
  • RH-RockerType®

Plus these ladle lifting systems:

  • Winch type 
  • RH-RockerType®
  • Bottom ram cylinder 
  • Standing cylinders 
  • Hanging cylinders 
  • Turntable
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RH-Technology - RH-Rockertype®

RH-RockerType® vessel lifting

This system is engineered to significantly increase the performance parameters of RH processes. Practice-proven and future-oriented, the solution ensures safe, reliable RH operation with these advantages:

  • High lifting and lowering speeds
  • Low hydraulic capacity
  • No sensitive components below the steel ladle
  • Low maintenance
RH technology - RH-Rockertype image

RH-RockerType® ladle lifting

boosting safety and efficiency

To speed up the intra-logistics processes, we designed our RH-RockerType® ladle lifting system for operation with two ladle transfer cars. One car can be recharged while the other is in the treatment position. Wherever the steel plant layout allows access to both the melting and casting bays, this greatly improves the ladle transportation process. It means the ladle can be lifted from the car in treatment position during vacuum treatment. Then the cars can be exchanged. That reduces the cycle time by several minutes.

Even in the event of a power outage, gravity safely lowers the ladle onto the ladle
car - in a controlled way. The RH-RockerType® is perfectly protected against steel from splashes or ladle breakthroughs. Due to these safety and efficiency advantages, RH-RockerType® technology will play an important role in future RH secondary metallurgical infrastructure.

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