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High-performance vacuum pump systems

SMS group vacuum pump systems operate as the beating heart of secondary metallurgical vacuum processes. That's why customization to your specific steel plant conditions and process requirements is so important. And it's the reason we apply three state-of-the-art technologies for our vacuum generation systems:

  • 4-stage steam ejectors
  • 3-stage steam ejectors + water ring pumps 
  • Dry mechanical pumps

Here are your benefits:

  • Lower media and energy consumption
  • Precise vacuum pressure control
  • Short pump-down times fine-tuned to your vacuum process 
  • Reliable long-term operation and easy maintenance
  • Optional waste gas cooling and cleaning

Launched in 2000, our RH-SC® with variable steam nozzles for direct vacuum control effectively prevents splashing. That eliminates excessive inner skull formation and extra maintenance. Next, in 2006, we introduced our Triple-S technology. It cuts consumption of condenser cooling water by up to 40%. Also available for vacuum pumps, our CMS condition monitoring system keeps you constantly in the picture. It monitors the main functions online and dynamically so you can pinpoint failures and initiate the right preventive maintenance.

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Triple-S System

New way to save condenser cooling water

Usually, the water for the condensers comes directly from a water treatment plant. This configuration results in high condenser cooling water (CCW) consumption.

Keen to reduce the CCW consumption of its vacuum systems, SMS Mevac developed a different method. It's termed SSS, which stands for super saving system. What makes the solution stand out is that it recycles some of the water from the sealed tank.

Only the first condenser consumes water directly from the water treatment plant, whereas the downstream condensers reuse the water from the sealed tank.
That not only generates a significant CCW saving of some 35% but also meets our reduced media consumption target.

Triple-S system image
Triple-S system image

CMS System

Optimized vacuum system monitoring

Better understanding by operating and maintenance personnel

  • Your staff grasps difficult thermodynamic processes more easily due to the display of internal conditions, e.g. pressures and temperatures
  • They can better understand the context of and interaction between the individual factors

Better preventive maintenance

  • Predictive failure warnings give you the opportunity to take counter measures as soon as values deviate too much from the norm
  • You take the right counter measures based on correctly identified causes

Better operation

  • You recognize potentials for saving operating media 
  • 12 references worldwide
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