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Hot rolling
Custom-designed to your portfolio

SMS group always has you in mind when we design plant and machinery exclusively for you and your products. This includes everything you want - from beams and sections to rails and semi-finished products - down to the very last detail. Also incorporated are complete rolling lines with ready-integrated heat-treatment and finishing equipment. These plants are perfect for producing e.g. head-hardened rails, which have a very long service life that makes them great for high-load applications. So you benefit measurably from our technologies because we continually improve them. That ensures they are much more cost-effective and deliver demonstrably higher quality than the alternatives.

Typical Layout Rail & Section Mill Layout

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Plant types

Rail mills

Custom solutions for all rail types

You know single-purpose rail mills are designed specifically for producing rails for railroads as well as crane rails, tram rails, and special rails. But it's also possible to use combined rail and section mills.

We developed a universal rolling method using a tandem reversing group. That ensures you can cost-effectively roll rails as well as beams and other sections on the same compact mill.

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Heavy section mills

One mill – diverse products

Here you can see how versatile single-purpose rail mills are: specifically for producing rails for railroads as well as crane rails, tram rails, and special rails. But it's also possible to use combined rail and section mills.

We developed a universal rolling method using a tandem reversing group. That ensures you can cost-effectively roll rails as well as beams and other sections on the same compact mill.

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Medium section mills

A wide range of products

The ideal solution for rolling beams, channels, angles, and flats is the medium section mill.

Yet this plant type is also used for special sections such as forklift mast beams and wheel rims, although that takes a special mill stand arrangement. You can choose between the universal rolling and the two-high methods.

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Large bar mills

Obviously, large bars require higher forces and different equipment than small bars.

We have banked a lot of experience from building heavy section mills and from our understanding of the demand for closer tolerances. That was a solid basis for engineering a new type of mill.

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Section and billet mills CBD mills image

Unlike other plants, breakdown mills produce the leader section for the tandem mill in reversing mode.

Installed here are shifting and centering units upstream and downstream of the breakdown mill. They guide the material into the roll groove previously adapted to the pass schedule. The starting size determines how many runs are rolled on the BD mill stand.

Staggeringly massive, the BD mill stand housings are made of cast iron or hot rolled slab and connected by pre-stressed tension rods.


  • Under-load adjustment and AGC
  • Parallel and "inclined" adjustment
  • Roll change max. 20 min
  • Simpler roll preparation
  • Unjamming cylinder with automatic overload protection 
  • Quick opening of roll gap for cobbles
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It's indisputable that our CCS® stands (Compact Cartridge Stands) are exceptionally rigid. This strength, together with the hydraulic roll gap control under load feature, enables you to produce final dimensions within a very narrow tolerance range. So, as a manufacturer of long products, you don't need to worry about costly waiting times. Why? Because the fully automatic stand-changing equipment switches between rolling schedules in an astonishing 20 minutes. There are even more extras offered by our CCS® stands, such as the option of producing wide sheet piles, plus better productivity and quality in beam production. That ensures you save money with investment and operating costs lower than for conventional stands.


  • Roll and guide change in 20 minutes 
  • Compact stand design
  • Higher stand stiffness
  • Hydraulic adjustment system
  • Offline roll and guide preparation
  • Simultaneous change of rolls and guides as a complete unit
  • Variable housing distance for universal / two-high rolling
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You can use our CRS® horizontal compact roller straightener to straighten a vast array of beams and sections. This flexible plant even handles high-speed rails with ease. Yet versatility is by far not the only advantage of the CRS®. Why? It features a hydraulic positioning system plus straightening shafts mounted on bearings at both sides.

They ensure perfect straightening quality with minimal residual stresses. Moreover, you can change the straightening rolls to a different size in just 20 minutes. This gets the entire rolling mill up and running again in record time. Using the appropriate straightening models from SMS, you adjust the machine perfectly. That ensures you achieve tangible, top-quality results from the very first section.


  • Symmetrical application of the straightening force
  • Uniform, low-strain application on the rolled product
  • Hydraulic axial positioning of each straightening shaft
  • Spring compensation using hydraulic adjustment mechanisms 
  • No variable straightening roller pitch necessary
  • Automated straightening roller changing
  • Offline computerized model of the straightening process
  • Lower maintenance and roll changing personnel requirements 
  • Low foundation costs

Electrical and automation systems

PROgauge® for sections and rails

Contactless precision measurement

Also available to you are PROgauge® measurement systems. They provide online product parameters so you can perfectly monitor and control your rolling or production process. The core technology behind all applications is the same: contactless measurement of cross-sections by two-dimensional triangulation. What's different each time is that we customize your measurement system to your product portfolio and infrastructure, for example your rolling mill layout.

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Emergency Support

Remote service

Remote access to the machine control system for fault analysis is possible only after authentication by the customer. Direct analysis and evaluation of the operating parameters are performed online by the SMS Service employees. They can easily identify defects and malfunctions and initiate measures for fault elimination. Remote access also allows the system software to be updated. Naturally, the installation of the necessary hardware and software for the remote access is already included in the remote service.

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Our services

  • Installation of software and hardware
  • Identification of faults, defects and malfunctions 
  • System update and fault elimination per remote access
  • In case of plant failure competent assistance by experts

Your benefits

  • Shorter reaction times
  • Rapid identification of necessary maintenance and repair measures
  • Reduction of maintenance costs


Warehousing at SULB, Bahrain from ground-breaking

No stores, no personnel costs - and yet all parts are on hand: These are the advantages of the warehousing service offered, under which SMS group manage the storage of spare parts on the customer's behalf by SULB.

Unwanted downtimes are history

This forward-looking development and implementation of an advanced spare parts supply concept reduces the servicing times and prevents unwanted downtimes.

The availability of spare and wear parts is ensured by three-shift operation of the warehouse, available on a 24/7 basis. The entire warehouse concept was originated in close coordination with SULB. The customer has access to the whole storage system at any time and thus has complete cost transparency. The stock is retrievable online around the clock. SULB is just one of several examples in which the SMS group has assumed warehouse management.

Warehousing SULB image


  • Availability of spare parts and consumables at no investment costs
  • Pay on parts usage only
  • Web-based documentation: Simplified spares identification and ordering
  • Transparency: Online access to prices, lead times, stock levels
  • Concentration on core business
  • Parts availability 24/7, guaranteed stock level
  • Inventory management (control & reports)
  • Reliable planning due to fixed price lists


Section and Billet Mills
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