CRS® straightener

Straightening machinery: minimal residual stress

Our CRS® straighteners are ideal in medium and heavy section mills. They come with these benefits and technologies:

  • Higher product quality and better residual stress behavior
  • Symmetrical application of the straightening force with the rollers supported on both sides
  • Automatic straightening roller changing within 20 minutes
  • Fixed straightening roller pitch for a large product range
  • Automated straightening roller changing with fewer personnel

Built in sandwich design, the straightening shafts are supported in bearings on both sides. All nine straightening shafts are driven individually, and hydraulic cylinders adjust the shafts under load.

Key features of our straighteners:

  • Overload protection
  • Backlash-free straightening roller installation
  • Maximum straightening roller concentricity
  • Automated setting of all elements according to the straightening data
  • Position transducers for reproducible recording of all the setting values
  • SMS group has supplied 15 CRS® straighteners since 2001.
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