U.S. Steel Kosice, Slovakia

High-value non-grain-oriented electric strip with insulation

This plant is a good example of a complete solution from one source. Not only responsible for the mechanical equipment, we also supplied the drive technology, basic automation, and process, control, and guide systems including operating and diagnosis functions. That ensured fast project implementation plus rapid startup curves and superb reliability in continuous operation.

To achieve the excellent material qualities required, all the plant components are designed to mesh perfectly. Included here are entry and exit groups as well as a strip cleaning section, a horizontal annealing furnace, and a precision coating unit.

Another characteristic of the plant is its intelligent use of space. It makes a big difference that the furnace is positioned above the entry section, because this means the plant some 25 m shorter than normal lines of this type. Later on, before commissioning, the automation supplied by SMS was put through its paces in our Plug & Work testing procedure. That involved simulating the entire mechanical equipment, drive technology, and the product to be manufactured, then testing and optimizing the automation system in a near-reality situation. The U.S. Steel Košice employees who took part in the test were able to use the actual control desks and original software to prepare themselves for commissioning and operating the line.

Main technical data

Steel grades: NGO
Strip width: 700 mm - 1,300 mm
Strip thickness: 0.35 - 1.0 mm
Entry speed: 105 m/min
Process speed: 90 m/min
Exit speed: 105 m/min
Capacity: 100,00 tpy

U.S. Steel Kosice, Slovakia image
U.S. Steel Kosice, Slovakia image
U.S. Steel Kosice, Slovakia image