Dry strip system (DS system)

Excellent strip surface quality

Now available to you is our new-generation DS system. It offers you an ideal, contact-free way to remove rolling emulsion residues from strip. What makes this system so highly efficient is that it needs less compressed air.

Installed in the exit of a cold rolling stand, the DS system simply blows cooling lubricant residues off the strip surface. This effectively prevents stain spots. High productivity is the hallmark of our latest-generation DS systems. That's due to the optimum combination of stationary and movable sealing elements as well as precisely balanced blow-off and extraction areas. One of the core components of the DS system is the wear-proof and contactless sealing of the roll barrel. This is also known as a COANDA nozzle.

Facts and figures about the DS system

  • Sound level below 82 dBA
  • 50% lower maintenance costs 
  • 62% lower energy costs
  • 80% fewer rejected coils
Dry strip system (DS system) image Dry strip system (DS system) image