Inline inspection

Fast and reliable inspection of the finished strip – inline

We designed our inline inspection feature so you can perform fast inspection of the finished strip surface. It’s vital that you reliably detect any surface flaws that occur during the rolling process. What you gain from our automated rapid defect detection solution is guaranteed better quality. That’s because the inline inspection helps prevent damage to the valuable material. The result? You produce fewer reject coils. Plus: you can apply inline inspection either on its own or alongside a conventional offline inspection. This combination breaks down the work involved in further time-consuming inspections.

There are two primary elements of the inline inspection equipment: (1) a cross cut shear in the exit of the rolling stand that cuts the strip sample, and (2) a conveyor belt that transports it to the inspection table. Next up are two fully automatic manipulators that position the sample on a table for inspection of the top strip surface. Then the manipulators pick up the sample and turn it over for checking the bottom strip surface. Later, when the inspection is finished, a conveyor transports the sample to another cross cut shear, which cuts it into smaller pieces. All this ends when scrap drops into a scrap box.

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