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Designs for hot and cold rolled strip

Tailored skin-passing for any application

Skin-pass mills are installed at the end of the flat steel production process chain. They are essential for smooth processing of steel strip. There are five basic types of skin-pass mills available from SMS group. The options for skin-passing carbon steel are: an independent rolling facility, a so-called offline SPM, or a continuous solution integrated in a strip processing line (inline skin-pass mill – ISPM). Also available are various offline skin-pass mills designed to process different rolling stock. The first type is the hot strip SPM. Second up are skin-pass mills for tempering stainless steel strip. The last type of mill in our portfolio is the double cold reduction mill (DCR), especially used for temper-rolling tinplate. 

Batch operation and maximum flexibility

Our offline SPMs for carbon steels are stand-alone rolling plants. They usually follow the batch-annealing stage and offer high versatility for processing both hard and ultra-mild strip. The 4-high stands accommodate work rolls in various diameters to apply different rolling forces. That enables production of a wide range of products. Smaller work roll diameters reduce the rolling force when skin-passing high-strength steel strip. Larger work rolls are ideal for processing very mild steel grades with a high rolling force. This not only improves surface roughness but also extends the work roll lifetime. Alternatively, you can choose SPMs in 6-high design for particularly challenging tasks. 

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Offline SPM design with entry-side coil preparation, pay-off reel, and tension reel as well as automatic roll change device.

Main technical data

MaterialsCarbon and stainless steels
Strip width600 - 1,870 mm
Strip thickness0.28 - 4.0 mm
CapacityMax. 0.7m t/y