Designs for hot and cold rolled strip

Continuous operation and high productivity

It’s technically possible to install SPMs directly inline in the exit section of continuous annealing (CAL) or hot-dip galvanizing lines (CGL). Here’s how you benefit from continuous strip processing: lower cost and effort for coil handling, better productivity, and higher profitability. You can change the rolls while the strip remains in the mill. This cuts non-productive time. The conventional 4-high design gives you the option of installing two different work roll diameters. Also integrated here, if you wish, is special equipment that changes the work rolls within just 90 seconds. Since 2003, we have also been supplying ISPMs in 6-high design for highly demanding tempering tasks. That ensures even better strip flatness due to the larger adjustment range of the 6-high mill. Not only that – you can skin-pass a wider product mix. Available for both stand types are CVC®plus as well as our X-Shape flatness measurement and control system. 

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The endless strip comes from the processing line and enters the ISPM. On the exit side, there is a bridle unit that adjusts the tension for the temper rolling pass. Roll changes are fast and simple by pushing the rolls through the mill.

Main technical data


Carbon steels, including
high-strength steels

Strip width 600 - 1,720mm
Strip thickness 0.4 - 2.3mm
Capacity max. 0.8m t/y