ECOLub skin-pass system

More flexibility and higher efficiency

As an operator of skin-pass mills, you save both resources and money by identifying and unlocking cost-cutting potentials. Moreover, you can expand your product range and increase product quality. Ideal for these purposes is our ECOLub low quantity lubrication system. What makes it so special is that the system applies precisely the right amount of lubricant to the strip for the specific roll gap. That means minimal lubricant consumption and no need for strip drying.
Plus, you’ll be delighted with the surface quality which is comparable to dry skin-passing. Furthermore, ECOLub reduces the rolling force required for skin-passing. This improves plant performance and extends the product mix to higher-strength materials. There is less wear on the work rolls which significantly increases their service life.
The key components of the ECOLub system include an entry-side (automatic or manually adjustable) nozzle beam with fume exhaust, a tank, pump, and volume control unit. All this is compact in design and suitable for retrofitting in existing skin-pass mills.

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Precise application of minimal quantity lubrication