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Designs for hot and cold rolled strip

Second rolling stage for tinplate: double cold reduction mills (DCR)

A special feature of tinplate production is the second rolling step for thickness reduction after annealing. Running parallel to this is a temper rolling process that prepares the strip for further surface finishing and coating. Our twin-stand double cold reduction mills (DCR) combine reduction rolling and skin-passing in a single mill. First up is thickness reduction in one stand, followed by skin-passing in the second stand. This ensures precise material properties and surface roughness of the tinplate and guarantees smooth further processing. You can rely on the best results from our DCR mills in CVC®plus design. They achieve excellent strip quality with proven technical solutions such as our new enhanced bending system for an extremely large roll gap range, multizone cooling, and Dry Strip system (DS system). A further advantage is that these mills can be operated in dry and wet tempering modes. Depending on the required capacity and product mix, we offer you DCR mills for batch as well as continuous inline operation in tinplate production lines. 

Main technical data

  Inline DCR in CAL Offline DCR

T1, T2, T3-T5, DR7 - DR10, DDQ, EDDQ, CQ DQ

Strip width 700 - 1,280 mm
Strip thickness 0.12 - 0.55 mm 0.12 - 1.00 mm

Rolling speed

max. 1,100 m/min. max. 1,800 m/min.
Capacity 435,000 t/y 420,000 t/y
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Basic design of an offline DCR mill, rolling direction from left to right
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Basic design of an inline DCR mill, rolling direction from right to left