special furnaces


Our test furnaces – indispensable for non-industrial processes

Process developments require tests on a smaller scale before they can be scaled up to commercial size units. SMS group also has the capabilities to define the test procedure and assist in the trials.

The vast experience and expertise from the non-ferrous and iron and steelmaking industries is bundled to create new pyro-metallurgical process lines. This unique know-how coupled with our R&D skills and know-how in upscaling new processes supports you in developing new process lines. SMS group supplies lab and demonstration-scale equipment.

Our furnaces can be powered by electricity, various fuels, or a combination of both.

  • Strong expertise in lab and demonstration-scale units
  • Extensive experience in scaling up to industrial size
  • Close collaboration with our customers to create custom solutions
  • All test units are designed according to applicable safety regulations and are eco-friendly industrial applications
  • Low-cost automation systems available
  • Leasing of some components possible
SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image SMSgroup Image
Demonstration plant for a new way of slag treatment


SMSgroup Degel,Dr. Rolf

Dr. Rolf Degel

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