Cooling technology

Efficient cooling for top qualities
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Water cooling for hot strip

Integrated here is a special water cooling technology for hot strip processing. It ensures better strip quality due to faster cooling, plus more accurate control of the final heating zone. As a result, you can expect a shorter cooling section and massive electricity savings. Furthermore, there is much less impact on the environment because this system causes neither dust emissions, nor vibrations, nor noise.

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Mist cooling for cold strip

Our mist cooling technology shortens the energy-intensive air-cooling section. It eliminates the final water-cooling stage which can otherwise generate cooling buckles. To date, we have equipped 17 annealing and pickling lines equipped with mist cooling sections.

You can save some 2,900 MWh per year because both the blower motor and the exhaust motor require less power. Equally important to your budget, our system uses around 975,000 m3 less water per year. That adds up to annual savings of about EUR 1 million.