Pickling technology

High surface quality and lower energy consumption

Pickling and dosing model

This solution continuously adapts the acid concentration in the pickling tanks to match the material. Simultaneously, a pickling and dosing model ensures a consistent pickling quality and cuts acid consumption. To shrink energy consumption, the model is coupled with the furnace control.

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Electrolytic pickling

What characterizes our electrolytic pickling section is super-efficient energy utilization. This is due to the high electrolyte flow velocity and our proven design with separated electrodes. That guarantees high operating efficiency with only small losses between cathode and anode. You even use 10% less energy, which helps you save extra money. Spraying lances in the entry and exit sections and further nozzles in the side sections ensure high circulation of the pickling medium and low sludge deposits.

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Turbulence pickling

Our specially designed turbulence pickling tank features a low volume. Spraying lances in the entry, exit, and side sections plus our patented tank bottom keep sludge deposits to a minimum. Also patented by SMS group, the immersion cover forms the top surface of the pickling channel for efficient sealing of the pickling tank. As a result, you reduce evaporation losses and achieve substantial savings because the line consumes much less energy and acid.

Pickling technology image