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Tisco, China

World‘s biggest annealing and pickling line for hot strip

Running this annealing and pickling line has enabled TISCO to increase its capacity for high-grade stainless steel strips while cutting production costs. The line features modern processing technology plus green solutions that meet all environmental standards for exhaust air and waste water. That underlines just how efficient and flexible the production process is. Plus there are other factors such as extensive automation and low maintenance that slash operating costs. The facility successfully went on stream in 2014.

It produced the first annealed and pickled coil in March 2014. Here is how the production sequence pans out: first, the strip goes into an integrated horizontal furnace for annealing. Then, a scale breaker and six shot-blasting cabins mechanically remove some of the scale. Also incorporated here are our innovative, oscillating abrasive brushes which further clean the surface. Next in line is the pickling section which stands out for high performance and extreme flexibility as well as low energy consumption and operating costs. This section consists of two tanks with sulfuric acid and five tanks with mixed acid. If necessary, TISCO can operate some tanks with water. Significant here is an integrated pickling and dosing model that ensures a constant pickling quality and low media consumption. A DeNOx system with selective catalytic converters prevents nitrogen oxide from escaping. There are several combined rinsing and brushing facilities installed between the tanks to clean the strip surface.

Main technical data

Steel grades

AISI 300 series (austenitic) and AISI 400 series (ferritic)

Strip width

1,040 mm - 1,650 mm

Strip thickness

2.0 - 6.0 mm

Entry speed

350 m/min

Process speed

100 m/min

Exit speed

350 m/min


1.0 million tpy