Outokumpu Stainless (Tornio), Finland

Unconventional modernization

The extension of the Steckel mill of Outokumpu Stainless in Tornio (Finland) is an example of a very unconventional modernization job. The goal was to boost the annual production of the Steckel mill from 0.8 to 1.6 million tons of stainless steel strip.

This drastic increase was achieved by adding three finishing stands downstream of the exit-side Steckel furnace. The demand for minimized shutdown periods was fulfilled by installing the 3 finishing stands on a foundation block next to the mill line, which were then as a whole moved into the line during a shutdown period of 5.5 days only.

After this revamp, Outokumpu and SMS group continued their cooperation by setting up a modernization strategy to continuously improve product quality, enhance plant quality, expand the product portfolio and to simplify maintenance.

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Main technical data

MaterialsStainless steel grades
Strip width800 - 1,650 mm
Strip thickness1.9 - 12.7 mm 
Capacity1.6 million t/year