FeMn / SiMn

Ferro-manganese is usually available on the market in the form of high-carbon (6-8%C), medium-carbon (1 - 4%C), or low-carbon (< 0.4%C) products. There are also alloys with high Si contents (15 - 20%) known as silicomanganese. High-carbon ferro-manganese and silico-manganese are produced in open or closed furnaces.

Yunnan Metallurgical Group Co Ltd contracted SMS group to carry out the basic engineering for China's largest closed 67.5 MVA SiMn furnace. We also supplied the core equipment (1,750 mm electrode system, copper roof, and lining). Commissioning took place in 2011.

Here, SMS group attracted the full engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract from Sakura Ferroalloys for a project in Eastern Malaysia. You may know that this company is a tripartite joint venture between Assmang Ltd (itself a joint venture between African Rainbow Minerals Limited and Assore Limited) of South Africa, Sumitomo of Japan, and Taiwan's China Steel Corporation. This is a major project consisting of two 81 MVA FeMn/SiMn closed submerged-arc furnaces, gas cleaning, raw material handling, product handling, and associated services, plus infrastructure.

FeMn / SiMn image FeMn / SiMn image FeMn / SiMn image FeMn / SiMn image
FeMn / SiMn image FeMn / SiMn image FeMn / SiMn image FeMn / SiMn image
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