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SAF - ferro silicon and silicon

Special metallurgy and silicon

Ferro silicon and silicon

As a rule, silicon production units utilize prebaked electrodes. To reduce operating costs, we also supply special composite electrode systems for silicon production. Always looking for improvements, SMS group has continually optimized its silicon-based furnaces over the years. The process requires a rotating gear and ideally a 25 - 60 MVA transformer.

What's especially important for safe and reliable operation are the design and quality of the rotating gear, furnace hood, hood curtain/hood doors, the furnace itself, as well as the electrode column.

In July 2011, we landed an order from Posco in South Korea for two 37.5 MVA FeSi furnaces to produce high-purity FeSi. They are equipped with a rotating gear so our customer will also be able to produce Si-metal on them at a later stage. The furnaces were commissioned in 2013.

Silicium Kazakhstan image Silicium Kazakhstan image Silicium Kazakhstan image Silicium Kazakhstan image

A major project for Silicium Kazakhstan comprised the turnkey supply of two 21-MW furnaces for Si-metal production. We supplied not only the furnaces themselves, but also the entire plant equipment from raw materials delivery to final product packing (silicon lumps). This is a region with an extreme climate, so we designed the plant to operate in a temperature range of 45 °C in summer to minus 40 °C in winter.

Mississippi Silicon image Mississippi Silicon image Mississippi Silicon image Mississippi Silicon image

We attracted another order in 2013 to supply the core equipment for a two-furnace silicon plant in Burnsville, Mississippi/USA. It was the first silicon installation in the U.S. for four decades. The earthworks started in 2014, and the plant was successfully commissioned in 2015. We assisted Mississippi Silicon with financing for the SMS share of the project as well as for some of the local supplies.

PCC/Iceland image PCC/Iceland image PCC/Iceland image PCC/Iceland image

This PCC project is a good example of our turnkey activities. We supported our customer with project financing and development of the complete plant in Husavik/ Iceland. The plant will run with two 24 MW furnaces. Acting as an EPC contractor, SMS will be responsible for the whole plant. Project financing is secured and commissioning is scheduled for 2017/2018.

Special alloys

Also available from SMS group are custom furnace solutions for special alloys such as FeW, FeV, FeTa, FeNb, CaSi, and SiCr.

CBMM (Companhia Brasileira de Metalurgia e Mineração), the leading producer of FeNb, contracted SMS in 2014 to supply a de-phosphorization furnace for Nb2O5 slag. Our customer aims to significantly boost output of FeNb at its location in Araxá, Brazil. Commissioning is planned for 2016/2017. Once in operation, the new submerged-arc furnace will produce refined FeNb concentrate, which is the raw material for FeNb. It's no surprise that CBMM chose SMS again after receiving smelters from us back in 1993, 1999, and 2004.

Special alloys image Special alloys image Special alloys image Special alloys image