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AirwashTM system

Clean air and low costs

It's important to clean the polluted exhaust air from aluminum and non ferrous cold rolling mills. Ideal for this job is our AirwashTM exhaust air purification system. This ensures clean exhaust air and cuts your overheads by recovering the rolling oil so you can use it again.

Inevitably, some of the rolling oil evaporates during aluminum cold rolling. The best way to manage these vapors is to channel them into our AirwashTM system. Here, they pass through separation elements where washing oil filters out the oily components. Next up, the rolling oil and washing oil are further separated in a rectification process. This is how our AirwashTM system separates drop-like and gaseous particles from the air. Then you can recycle this valuable resource. The system comprises two sections, one for exhaust-air purification, and one for washing-oil recovery. We also supply AirwashTM 300 oil specially formulated for use in AirwashTM exhaust-air purification systems.

Your benefits:

  • High exhaust-air purity 
  • High rolling-oil recovery rate 
  • Long washing-oil service life 
  • Lower energy consumption due to energy recovery 
  • High operational safety 
  • Low maintenance costs 
  • Low disposal costs