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Concepts - Tandem cold mills for aluminum

A1 solutions for large volumes of high-quality strip

First in line in the TCM is the entry section. It includes a coil preparation station and pay-off reel. Downstream of that, the mill area features stands in CVC® plus 4-high or 6-high design. It's followed by the interstand section. Finally, the strip rolls off the mill through the exit section with tension reel and inspection line. Integrated here is equipment for spool and pup coil handling, coil logistics, and automatic roll change devices.

We fit our plants with technologies that are not only low-cost, but also sustainable. Take for instance our Multi-Plate® filter that ensures efficient maintenance of the rolling oil. You'll also value our Airwash™ system because it thoroughly cleans the exhaust air. To do this, it uses washing oil in an absorption process and even recovers the rolling oil for further use.

Main technical data

MaterialsCan stock, AA3xxx, AA5xxx
Strip width> 2 m
Strip thickness< 0.2 mm
Rolling speed> 1,500 m/min.
Capacity> 350,000 tpy

Flexible Designs for Automotive Grade

Solutions for combined reduction and skin pass / EDT rolling

Highly versatile, the new combined reduction and EDT rolling mill can be operated in heavy-force reduction mode as well as light-force EDT mode. That's why it features CVC® plus and our extended bending system (EBS) combined with other state-of-the-art rolling technologies in 4-high or 6-high configuration. This ensures excellent strip quality for any material requirements. You can choose to have the combined reduction and EDT rolling mill designed as a single-stand or tandem mill.

Main technical data


Automotive stock
AA5xxx, AA6xxx

Strip width> 2 m
Strip thickness< 0.5 mm
Rolling speed> 1,000 m/min.
Capacity> 250,000 tpy