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EDT rolling

Customized surface properties for automotive sheets

There are extremely high demands on material for exposed car panels. Here, automotive manufacturers insist on excellent formability during pressing and a perfect surface appearance after painting. It's above all the European car industry which relies on surfaces with isotropic roughness. EDT rolling transfers this exact finish onto the strip during the final rolling pass.

Crucial here is a specific roughness on the work rolls created by electric discharged texturing (EDT). Once it is applied to the roll barrel, this roughness transfers precisely onto the strip surface. Using EDT rolls ensures the required quality and durability of the color coatings on the exposed parts. Also engineered by SMS group is a feature to handle the low rolling forces in the finishing pass: our extended bending system (EBS). The EDT rolling stand is highly versatile. That's because it applies high rolling forces for reduction passes, as well as low rolling forces. So you can achieve various production schedules.

Your benefits:

  • Isotropic structure
  • Better formability
  • Better press-shop handling
  • Better lacquer appearance and panel matching
EDT rolling Image 1 EDT rolling Image 1 EDT rolling Image 1 EDT rolling Image 1

The crater structure of strip surface, created by EDT, improves further processing

EDT rolling Image 2 EDT rolling Image 2 EDT rolling Image 2 EDT rolling Image 2