Inductive edge heating system

Excellent strip quality right to the edges

It's a huge challenge to avoid excessive tension at the strip edge during aluminum strip cold rolling. The conventional solution is the hot edge spray (HES) method of heating the work roll barrel. New on the market, our inductive edge heating system reduces strip tension. That ensures faster rolling speeds at lower energy consumption and higher efficiency.

Essentially, the principle behind our inductive edge heating system is an alternating magnetic field that induces eddy currents to generate heat directly on the roll surface.

These are the major features of our system:

  • Highly accurate work-roll heating in the strip edge area
  • Heating even at high work-roll temperatures
  • Lower energy consumption compared to conventional HES
  • Less equipment
  • Can be installed in new mills as well as retrofitted
Inductive edge heating system Image 1

Work roll with inductor

Inductive edge heating system Image 2

Treated area on the work roll. The efficiency factor in energy transmission is
95,5 %.