Tandem cold mill, Ma’aden, Saudi Arabia

All-inclusive supply for integrated aluminum production complex

To establish itself as a major producer of aluminum hot and cold strip, joint venture Ma'aden-Alcoa built a production site in Ras Al Khair, Saudi Arabia. We supplied the main hot and cold rolling equipment plus the strip processing lines. Included in our supply scope was a four-stand tandem cold mill (TCM) in CVC® plus 4-high design with a capacity of 400,000 tpy of can-grade strip.

It's a special feature of the TCM that it operates in discontinuous mode in this first project stage. However, the mill is already prepared for conversion into a fully continuous facility, including carousel reel, in the future. Here is how the process starts: the hot strip goes into the coil preparation station of the TCM for preparation of the strip head end. Also integrated in the entry section is a double-head expanding payoff reel. It features strip centering control systems. Next in line, the mill stands incorporate CVC® plus as well as positive and negative work-roll bending systems. The high-tech actuators ensure optimal strip flatness, close thickness tolerances, and flawless surfaces. The exit-area tension reel winds the finished strip onto sleeves. Reeling completed, a coil car and pallet conveyor system transport the coil to the offline strip inspection.

All this equipment was supplied by SMS group. AluControl®, part of our X-Pact® electrical and automation program, ensures reliable rolling. It provides perfect control based on the data from the specific process sequence as well as product-oriented general information from aluminum hot and cold rolling mills.

Reference Tandem cold mill, Ma’aden, Saudi Arabia  Image

Layout of the Ma'aden cold rolling facility. We supplied the TCM, a single-stand cold rolling mill, and a strip processing line.

Main technical data

MaterialsAA3xxx, 5xxx
Strip width1,050 - 2,100 mm
Strip thickness0.20 - 6.00 mm (entry) 0.15 - 2.00 mm (exit)
Rolling speed1,900 m/min.
Coil weightMax. 32 t
Capacity400,000 tpy