Tandem cold mill, Shandong Weiqiao, China

Powerhouse of the new cold rolling line

Shandong Weiqiao Aluminium & Electricity Co., Ltd. awarded us a major contract for a tandem cold mill. Included here were a 1 + 4 hot rolling mill as well as two single-stand cold rolling mills. Equipped with these plants, Shandong Weiqiao positioned itself as a new Chinese producer of high-quality aluminum strip. The complex is located in Zouping, Shandong province.

First in line is the entry-side coil preparation station, where the strip head end is prepared before it goes onto the pay-off reel. The three CVC® plus 6-high TCM stands feature state-of-the-art rolling technology from SMS group.

Incorporated here are:

  • Work and intermediate roll bending
  • Hot edge spray (HES)
  • Multizone cooling
  • DS

All this ensures Shandong Weiqiao can roll a broad product mix to meet any customer requirements. There is an offline strip inspection station on the exit side. That ensures immediate examination of the strip quality. Also integrated in our supply package were high and low pressure hydraulics, rolling oil plants, fume exhaust systems, plus our groundbreaking Multi-Plate® filters and AirwashTM systems. These both contribute to eco-friendly mill operation.

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Accurate rolling and winding result

Main technical data

MaterialsAA1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx
Strip width980 - 2,150 mm
Strip thickness0.30 - 3.50 mm (entry) 0.15 - 1.6 mm (exit)
Rolling speedMax. 1,700 m/min.
 Coil weightMax. 30 t
CapacityMax. 300,000 tpy