Superior design and actuators for roll gap setting

Outstanding CVC® plus 4-high and CVC® plus 6-high designs for better yield and quality, proven by more than 800 installed systems:

Unlike other shifting systems, CVC® plus offers you:

  • Shifting under all load conditions
  • The largest roll gap adjusting area for flexible handling of a wide variety of incoming hot strip profiles
  • Top flatness results
  • Excellent strip quality due to uniform load and roughness transfer
  • Lower operational costs with less roll wear and less maintenance

Durable cartridge design of the bending blocks:

  • Compact cartridge design with lower internal stresses
  • Efficient positive and negative bending
  • Less chock deformation and longer bearing lifetime due to centered force for roll bending
  • No contact between chocks and bending cylinders
  • Small number of bending cylinders
  • As a result, you benefit from longer bearing lifetime and lower costs for maintenance and spare parts.

All-in-one mill stand with further benefits:

Typical of our cold rolling mill stands is the improved "all-in-one" design with modular mill stand piping. This reduces on-site erection and commissioning time for an earlier return on investment. Last but not least: you save money on overheads because maintenance is now simpler and easier.

Cost-effective solutions for all your material requirements:

Hydraulic roll
force cylinders
XXXTop position accuracy for close thickness tolerances and compensation of wedged strip profiles
Wedge adjustment systemXXXStepless passline adjustment; low wear for lower costs
CVC® plus roll shiftingXXXPrecise roll-gap setting for full utilization of roll bending system and fewer off-gauge lengths
Enhanced shifting system (ESS)XEdge drop reduction with edge-oriented intermediate roll shifting combined with CVC®
Work / intermediate roll bendingXXXAccurate roll-gap adjustment combining CVC® and bending to produce flat strips
Edge Drop Control (EDC®)XMechanical reduction of work roll diameter together with work roll shifting ensures constant strip profile right up to the edges. Higher yield because of lower trimming losses
Multizone cooling systemXXXSmoother out more severe flatness defects by cooling particular roll surface areas
Hot edge spray system (HES)XEliminates excessive tension at the strip edges by heating the work roll barrel
Dry strip system (DS system)XXXTop surface quality by efficient removal of roll coolant, even at high rolling speeds.