Tertiary Metallurgy

Special melting and remelting processes for unique steel properties

It's the job of tertiary metallurgical plants to create unique technological properties in ultra-pure steels, super alloys, cast alloys, and nonferrous metals. These peak-performance, heavy-duty materials are used in demanding, high-tech industries such as aviation, aerospace, power generation, and automotive. There is no alternative technology in this high-end field.

Induction melting facility vim

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No oxidation

The oxygen-free atmosphere avoids oxidizing elements with an affinity to oxygen

Precise analysis

Very narrow analysis tolerances (PPM range)

No tramp elements

Removes unwanted tramp elements with high steam pressure

Effective degassing

Removes dissolved gases (O, N, H) from raw materials and the final melt

Narrow temperature range

Precisely sets the melting temperature and the homogeneity of the heat

Electrodes for remelting

Casts homogeneous electrodes for remelting process and semifinished products for further processing

Sophisticated vacuum system

Removes unwanted tramp elements with high vapour pressure


Vacuum induction melting - VIM process image

Vacuum induction melting - VIM process

Designed for a wide range of capacities

VIM is a powerful process applied to melt down selected scrap and refine the resulting liquid steel. The process involves casting ingots under vacuum, which further improves final-product quality.

Vacuum chambers image

Vacuum chambers

VIM works with dedicated vacuum chambers for melting and casting. They are connected by launder and tundish units.
The crucible comes with a vacuum-tight electricity supply and can be exchanged easily using the advanced lifting system.

Mechanical pump systems image

Mechanical pump systems

It's a special advantage that the mechanical pump
system generates extra-strong vacuums.
There is also a charger that ensures clean material feeding under vacuum.

Deslagging machines image

Deslagging machines

Finally, an integrated deslagging machine removes the slag from the crucible.

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