Tinplate lines


Efficient production of tinplate material

The SMS group offers innovative, technical solutions at all steps of tinplate production for the efficient processing of cold strip into packing material. All the necessary treatment facilities can be delivered from a single source, including mechanical and processing equipment, furnace technology, electrical and automation systems and production know-how. The electrolytic tinning lines are fitted with soluble anodes, which create significant economic, ecological and process-engineering advantages.

Line concepts

Tinplate annealing line

The annealing of the cleaned strip followed by reduction and surface treatment provides the material in the annealing line with the material and surface properties necessary for tinning and subsequent processing. The very thin material (up to 0.1mm) is processed on the lines at very high speeds (up to 750 m/min). The product range comprises all grades and also contains the qualities T2.5, T5 and DR 10, which cannot be produced by batch annealing. The strip cleaning section has efficient process components including spray and electrolytic cleaning cells. The radiant tube furnace is the heart of the plant and is recognized for its low resource consumption. Due to precise furnace control, the process follows the specified annealing curve exactly. Two 4-high skinpass mill stands are integrated for post-treatment. The first skinpass mill stand adjusts the mechanical-engineering characteristics of the strip by a thickness reduction. The second creates a defined strip surface structure.
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Electrolytic tinning line

Main data
The significant process steps in an electrolytic tinning line are cleaning, leveling, pickling, tinplating, remelting and passivating. All of these process steps must fulfill high requirements in order to guarantee the surface quality of the end material. SMS offers various innovative technologies for tinning lines, which increase the ecological and economic efficiency of the plant.
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Material flow

SMS group covers the whole production process
  • System supply of all plants with complete mechanical and process equipment, furnace technology, electrics and automation as well as production know-how
  • Auxiliary equipment like evaporators or anode casters also included
  • Various references for all plants
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Tinplate Continuous Annealing Line

High-speed production of very thin strips - 750 m/min process speed at 0.1 mm minimal thickness - Production of all grades...

Perfect tinning of all tinplate materials

Soluble anodesSaving costs for tin and line operation
Preconditioning cellProtection of electrolytes
Parallel anode arrangementUniform and precise strip coating
Anode monitoring systemSupervision of anode conditions
Online tin layer measurementClosed-loop control of the entire tinning process
Vertically adjustable reflow unitImproved tin adherence and surface quality
Evaporator for tinning processSaving of tin, electrolyte and rinse water
Anode casterPerfectly shaped tin anodes, no tin losses

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Efficient production of tinplate packaging material out of cold strip


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