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Top blown rotating converter (TBRC)

Flexible and robust units for efficient extraction of valuable metals

TBRC (top blown rotating converters) smelt and convert various primary and secondary raw materials to extract Cu, Ni, Pb, Zn, Sn, and precious metals. Furthermore, especially in recycling, this type of converter is ideal for smelting E-waste. The batch process takes place in a rotating vessel. Next comes heating and converting by a central burner and a central cooled lance.

It says a lot about our quality standards that SMS has supplied more than 40 of these units over the past decades. Within the joint venture, we also provide the process guarantees for these units:

  • High rotating speed of up to 20 rpm
  • Multiple lance and burner system for better process efficiency
  • Intelligent refractory lining design
  • Mechanically robust vessel
  • Optionally available exchange vessels

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