Vertical casting lines

High flexibility and economic efficiency

Our vertical continuous and semi-continuous casting plants have become synonymous with maximum efficiency and operational safety. They are ideal for manufacturing slabs and extrusion billets. Meanwhile, our optimized mold technology has turned into a byword for top quality combined with high productivity. Depending on the casting format, you can achieve outputs of up to 150,000 tpy.


Vertical continuous casting plants for billets and slabs

When it comes to producing slabs and extrusion billets in large volumes, vertical continuous casting plants from SMS group are the ideal solution – for good reasons. These plants achieve an annual capacity of up to 150,000 t of copper or brass products. They are especially attractive to companies that require the highest product quality at the greatest possible capacity levels.

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Vertical semi-continuous casting plants for billets and slabs

Frequently changing casting schedules require top plant flexibility. That’s exactly what you get from these plants. They come with up to 6 strands and an annual output of as much as 120,000 t. You can cast lengths of between 3 and 12 meters – with slab widths reaching 1,300 mm and billet diameters of up to 450 mm. 

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Vertical continuous casting plants for precision sections

It’s the perfect combination to fit your wants and needs: the benefits of both horizontal and vertical casting in our precision casting plants. The synergy between these two systems means you can manufacture products with small and medium dimensions in uniform quality and excellent dimensional tolerances. This stock is particularly suitable for further processing on automatic lathes.

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Resonance mold

To improve the vertical casting process, we developed a leaf-spring-guided, hydraulically powered resonance mold. You benefit from perfect, vertical guidance of the mold, superb precision, and simultaneous adaptation to the casting process.

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