Vertical continuous casting plants for billets and slabs

When it comes to producing slabs and extrusion billets in large volumes, vertical continuous casting plants from SMS group are the ideal solution – for good reasons. These plants achieve an annual capacity of up to 150,000 t of copper or brass products. They are especially attractive to companies that require the highest product quality at the greatest possible capacity levels.

This guarantees customer high productivity levels with low production costs. Whether it's slabs or extrusion billets made from copper or brass – SMS group technology delivers maximum, consistent product quality. Continuous further development of this type of plant means minimal maintenance is required. What's more, SMS group has continuously refined the plant's user-friendliness. 

SMSgroup Image


Copper and brass



80 - 450 mm ∅


up to 1,300 mm wide

Number of strands

1 - 4 (depending on the strand dimensions)


up to 150,000 t/a

Picture - Vertical Copper casting