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Metallurgy Process
Metallurgy Process
The high art of quality

Today's global market demands ever higher-quality products made of steel, aluminum, and NF metals. Meeting these standards takes innovative, efficient technologies as early as the liquid phase of the raw materials. This is where the foundations are laid for the performance of the final products.

Due to our experience in metallurgy, SMS group is a world leader when it comes to plants and machinery for manufacturing high-end materials. We team up with you to develop model solutions not only for machines, but also for controls and machine maintenance strategies - always with top green credentials.

What's crucial for material treatment are high effectiveness combined with efficient energy consumption and flexible raw materials input. Equally significant are process speed and melt quality. All these factors together ensure you can produce cost-effective, competitive materials. To empower you, we build plants which offer a long service life as well as maintenance-friendly design.