Düsseldorf, July 28, 2017

CC6 continuous caster at DILLINGER produces 600 millimeter thick slabs for the first time

New world record: DILLINGER and SMS group write history

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The CC6 continuous caster at DILLINGER, Germany, produces steel slabs with a thickness of 600 millimeters.

SMS group has expanded the CC6 continuous caster in operation at DILLINGER, Germany, to include slabs with a thickness of 600 millimeters.

This marks a new chapter in the success story of the CC6. The commissioning of the plant on July 25, 2017 saw the successful casting of a slab 600 millimeters thick.

The huge level of acceptance as well as the technological capability of the new CC6 at DILLINGER are hard to believe. As of now this one-of-a-kind continuous caster can also produce 600 millimeters thick slabs.

SMS group delivered the CC6 continuous caster to DILLINGER in 2015. As a vertical caster it is designed for the production of slabs within the 300 to 600 millimeters thickness range. Particular challenges here are the permanent load holding system, neutral axis technology, and load take-over strategy. The new CC6 is exceptional at overcoming all these challenges, so DILLINGER had full confidence in the SMS group technology used for the plant's expansion for 600 millimeters thick slabs.

DILLINGER and the SMS group have enjoyed a long-standing partnership for many years. SMS group delivered the first continuous slab caster to DILLINGER in 1961. The CC5 continuous caster supplied in 1998 was upgraded in 2010 and set a new world record with the production of 450 millimeter thick slabs. This record was broken in 2015 by the CC6 continuous caster, which is capable of achieving slab thicknesses of 500 millimeters. Following its successful expansion to include 600 millimeters thick slabs, the Dillinger CC6 has again broken its own world record. "Multiple world record holder" is a great name for the new DILLINGER CC6, which combines a high degree of technological stability, extreme production reliability and huge potential to meet the demands of tomorrow.

With its capacity to produce ultrathick slabs DILLINGER has again set new standards in the heavy plate grade Segment.

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