Düsseldorf, March 25, 2013

China Steel Corporation relies on secondary metallurgy plants from SMS Mevac and commissions further RH facility

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The RH plant No. 8 has a modern gas cooler.

China Steel Corporation (CSC) has commissioned another SMS Mevac RH facility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Today, the company operates six RH facilities (RH1 and RH3 in steelmaking plant No. 1 and RH2, 4, 6 and 8 in steelmaking plant No. 2) and one VOD facility. All vacuum facilities have been supplied or modernized by SMS Mevac.

The recently supplied RH-TOP facility No. 8 in steelmaking plant No. 2 is designed for the treatment of heats up to a nominal weight of 270 t. It is predominantly used for the production of ULC grades for the automotive industry (IF grades) and for electric sheet, and for the production of tube and common carbon steel grades.

J.Y. Lee, Engineer Ladle Refining No. 2 Steel Making Department: “The steel is used in a wide variety of areas. For example, we produce high-strength materials that are employed in projects of the construction industry, such as the Taipeh Financial Center. Other products are used in pipelines, and ULC grades for electric sheet and in the automotive industry. Most applications have one thing in common: The steel must be able to withstand high loads; that is why it must be of excellent quality. This was one of the reasons for our decision in favor of RH facilities from SMS Mevac.”

Special features of the new facility are, for example, the TOP lance with integrated burner functionality and a jet-needle-controlled steam ejector vacuum pump system.

SMS Mevac's contract scope comprised the basic and detail engineering and the supply of all plant components complete with the basic automation system as well as supervision of erection and commissioning.

SMSgroup Image
J.Y. Lee (right) and Volker Wiegmann, Project Manager SMS Mevac.

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