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Düsseldorf, April 25, 2019

Hitachi Metals grants FAC to SMS group for 90/108 MN open-die forging press

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90/108 MN open-die forging press in operation at the Yasugi Works.

Hitachi Metals, Yasugi, Japan, has granted SMS group the final acceptance certificate (FAC) following the successful commissioning of its 90/108 MN open-die forging press. This is the largest four-column open-die forging press in push-down design that SMS group has built in the last 25 years. The plant operates with a forging force of up to 90 MN and an upsetting force of 108 MN. It forges flat and round bars from ingots quickly and precisely at a maximum starting material weight of 30 tons. Two rail-bound manipulators position the forgings with millimeter precision and move them fully in sync with the press stroke. Hitachi intends to use the new open-die forging press to process temperature-sensitive materials, such as titanium alloys, tool steels, high speed steels, and nickel-based alloys. Forging sophisticated materials is a highly technological process which requires the specified parameters to be precisely maintained. The engineers at SMS group have designed and built an open-die forging press that fully meets the high customer demands.

SMS group has devised a highly efficient, space-saving hydraulic system concept for the four-column, push-down press. High-speed forging is possible thanks to the 18 high-performance hydraulic pumps installed in the press. The twin pump arrangement, i.e. two pumps operated by one motor, makes the hydraulic system require distinctly less space.

The customer had specifically requested the option of performing fast tool changes on the press. So, SMS group developed a tool changing system for this very purpose. With this new concept only the die track needs to be replaced. The entire tool changing process is performed fully automatically. The scope of supply for the press also included a table shifting device, a die shifting device, and a die magazine.

The customer uses the ForgeBase® control software for optimized, reproducible forging results. A variety of forged parts can be produced precisely and cost-efficiently based on predetermined pass schedules. The press operator is able to switch from fully automatic to semi-automatic or manual mode as and when required.

In order to minimize the vibrations emitted into the ground, the open-die forging press was erected on a vibration-isolating foundation, consisting of an intermediate foundation and several vibration dampers. As a result, the residual vibration measured at the reference point meets the customer’s strict specifications. What’s more, the horizontal stoppers installed on the sides give the solid press design extra stability in case of earthquakes.

Another special technical feature is the three-dimensional laser measuring system. It measures the surface temperature and the geometry of the forging in real time, and optimizes the pass schedule for homogeneous forging of the core zone.

SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. It has some 14,000 employees who generate worldwide sales of about EUR 3 billion. The sole owner of the holding company SMS GmbH is the Familie Weiss Foundation.


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