Düsseldorf, November 06, 2017

Hoa Sen boosts cold strip capacity to up to 400,000 tons by cold rolling mill from SMS group

Production start in record time

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Entry section of the CCM® equipped with pay-off reel and reversing reel No. 2.

At Vietnamese cold strip producer Hoa Sen Group, the new two-stand cold rolling mill was successfully put into operation on June 24, 2017 by Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd., member of SMS group, after a project duration of only 13 months.

The new CCM® (Compact Cold Mill) was successfully commissioned after a project duration of just 13 months from conclusion of the contract with Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd. This project has confirmed Hoa Sen Group’s confidence in SMS group equipment, after the positive experience with the previously supplied single-stand cold rolling mill.

Hoa Sen has been continuously producing on the CCM® since June 24, 2017. The plan now is to increase the rolling speed and gradually ramp up the mill to maximum performance, so that the nominal capacity of 400,000 tons per year can be achieved.

The two-stand cold rolling mill of six-high design was supplied and commissioned by Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd. The mill, equipped with CVC®plus and other quality-critical components made by SMS group in Germany, was supplied complete with X-Pact® electrical and automation systems. The rolling technology and the automation system implemented ensure the CCM® can adapt very flexibly to changes in the rolling process and achieve the required product quality. Also the fluid-related equipment was included in the scope of supply.

The CCM® will produce carbon steel strip in widths of up to 1,250 millimeters and thicknesses down to 0.11 millimeters. The mill is designed for maximum rolling speeds of 1,400 meters per minute.

SMS group and Hoa Sen Group are continuing their successful cooperation, as Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd. is already preparing the supply of a second CCM® to its Vietnamese customer.

SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. It has some 13,500 employees who generate worldwide sales of more than EUR 3 billion. The sole owner of the holding company SMS GmbH is the Familie Weiss Foundation.


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