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Less energy consumption, higher productivity and lower

HMT Höfer Metall Technik is the first customer to opt for the newly developed HybrEx extrusion press from SMS Meer

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25-MN HybrEx press.

For its plant in Hettstedt, Germany, HMT Höfer Metall Technik has ordered an extrusion press type HybrEx25, from SMS Meer (www.sms-meer.com). HMT is the first company to opt for the newly developed HybrEx extrusion press. The machine considerably reduces energy consumption and increases productivity by up to 20 percent. In this way, the HybrEx25 satisfies the preconditions for the “ecoplants” label.

“The machines and plants from SMS Meer use resources very efficiently. This is sustainable, saves costs and is good for the environment – and has convinced us,” says Ursula Couvreux, Managing Partner at HMT.

The HybrEx 25 belongs to a new extrusion press generation equipped with an innovative drive concept. Due to the new concept, the oil tank volume was reduced from 10,000 liters to 1,000 liters. The amount of gases trapped in oil diminishes from 10 percent down to 1 percent, achieving a substantially longer oil life. The risk of cavitation occurring on the valves is considerably reduced.

New standards regarding speed

Another new feature is the patented inside filling valve by which traveling speeds of the main cylinder of up to 1,000 mm/s are made possible.

Modifications to the electric drive technology additionally improve the energy balance. HybrEx is equipped with the proven intelligent "Power on command" motor control system. It only drives those units which are required for the respective process cycle. In conjunction with using internal gear pumps the drive power for each pump unit is reduced by 45 percent.

Benchmark during non-productive time

Despite the reduced drive power, a non-productive time including lifting stroke of less than 12 seconds can be realized with the HybrEx25. In this way, the machine from SMS Meer increases plant productivity significantly, i.e. one second less of non-productive time corresponds to an up to 100 tons greater annual production output.

Profiles with new tolerance dimensions

With the platen concept, profiles can be extruded with new tolerance dimensions. A thrust plate with a depth equivalent to the platen makes sure that the relative deflection in the area of the tool pack is reduced to zero. The revised Cadex version "CADEX Integrated" ensures an optimal extrusion press process and increases productivity.

On the 26th of May, the new press will be officially handed over to the customer at the Witten location of SMS Meer.

Commissioning in Hettstedt is scheduled for the third quarter of 2014.

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