Düsseldorf, February 20, 2013

Order for SMS Siemag from Korea

SMS Siemag to deliver the world's largest submerged arc furnace to POSCO SNNC

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Layout of the rectangular furnace for POSCO

POSCO SNNC, an internationally leading manufacturer of ferronickel,

has contracted SMS Siemag, Germany, for the delivery of the world's

largest submerged arc furnace with six electrodes for the production

of ferronickel in Gwangyang, Korea.

With the extension of the works in Gwangyang, the annual production

capacity will be increased from 30,000 to 54,000 t of nickel. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2014.

The power rating of the rectangular-shaped FeNi smelter is 140 MVA

at a total nominal power input of 100 MW. To implement these

performance values, furnace dimensions of 40 x 15 m are required.

Dr. Rolf Degel, Senior Divisional Specialist for the SMS Siemag

Managing Board: We are proud to work on this project together with

POSCO. Even for such an experienced plant manufacturer as

SMS Siemag, a furnace with these dimensions is a very special


SMS Siemag's scope of supply comprises all engineering and supervisory services, the delivery of the furnace and the X-Pact® electrical and automation systems.

The design of the smelter includes a thermally optimized air cooling

system for the bottom part of the furnace shell as well as the patented

sidewall copper cooling system for the slag line level. The overall

required cooling rate is moderate, which improves both the thermal

efficiency and the productivity of the furnace.

The high-quality electrode columns have been developed by

SMS Siemag especially for rectangular FeNi furnaces; they are

energy-efficient and operate at highest availability levels.

The furnaces are equipped with thyristors (power semiconductor

component for high power levels), allowing for flexible furnace

operation and maximum production rates.

POSCO SNNC (Société du Nickel de Nouvelle-Calédonie et Corée

Pty. Ltd.) is a joint venture between the Korean company POSCO

and the mining company SMSP (Société Minière du Sud Pacifique

S.A.), which is based in New Caledonia. From there, the nickel ore is

shipped to the Gwangyang plant, where it is converted to ferronickel.

SMS Siemag is one of the leading manufacturers of ferronickel


Picture 1: Layout of the rectangular furnace for POSCO.

Picture 2:First row, from left to right: Mr. G.Y.Lim, Deputy Managing Director of SNNC, Mr. Y.H.Lee, Managing Director of Tong-Il Boiler (consortium partner of SMS Siemag). Mr. Sang-Hong Lee, Managing Director of SNNC, Dr. Guido Kleinschmidt, Member of the Managing Board of SMS Siemag, Mr. Ki-Bong Kim, Deputy Managing Director of SNNC.

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Contract Signing Ceremony

SMS Siemag AG and SMS Meer GmbH are both companies of SMS group which, under the roof of SMS Holding GmbH, consists of a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry.


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