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PWS supplies unique hydrostatic pipe tester to Salzgitter Mannesmann

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The new pipe plant is designed as three-strand hydrostatic pipe tester. SMLP is able to test pipes of up to three different lengths at the same time.

Salzgitter Mannesmann Line Pipe (SMLP) in Siegen, Germany, has taken a globally unique HTM (Hydro Testing Machine) from spiral pipe manufacturer PWS, Germany, into operation. With the testing strategy of the facility up to three pipes with different length can be tested simultaneously at three test stations in parallel with a total cycle time of 48 seconds (for 16 inches/12 meters) – more than 30 percent less than before.

The hydrotester supplied by PWS covers a diameter range from 4.5 to 16 inches with a wall thickness between 2.6 up to 16 millimeters. The length can vary from 9.7 to 18 meters. Simultaneous testing with different diameters and lengths is also possible. Each section can be controlled individually and independently. Maximum test pressure is 500 bar, with a tolerance of +/- 1 bar, for material grades X80 or

N80 resp.

“The new facility is a marked improvement on the strategy for hydro- testing and pipe manufacture. Shorter pipe length in the manufac- turing process no longer have to be separated for testing at a later time, thus ensuring a substantial advantage for production logistics and throughput. The technology package is rounded off by a very fast and highly precise pressure control system,“ says Michael Stark from PWS.

Thanks to the use of modern technology the up-to-date hydrotesting facility provides high flexibility and a high level of efficiency. Due to the automated plant and quick filling of the pipes SMLP achieves a significant reduction of the cycle time by 30 percent. The new hydrostatic press also meets future requirements with regard to safety, flexibility and productivity.

During setup and commissioning of the new equipment the ongoing production was not interrupted.

The facility has come on stream in the second quarter of 2013.


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At SMLP in Siegen, Germany, the hydrostatic pipe tester has already been in normal operation for several months.

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