Düsseldorf, August 11, 2015

Royal United orders HybrEx® extrusion press and billet heater from SMS group

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HybrEx® is SMS group's latest generation of extrusion presses (in photo: The HybrEx® 25)

Royal United Metal and Glass from Dubai (United Arab Emirates) has placed an order with SMS (www.sms-group.com) for a HybrEx®32 extrusion press and the upline inductive billet heater.

The IAS TEM-PRO Heater®, type NIB 650, 5/229 x 1300 Al/ITN-2P consists of two induction furnaces, each with a rating of 650 kW. It ensures precision heating in five zones of aluminum extrusion billets with a diameter of 229 millimeters and a length of up to 1,300 millimeters exactly as required for the process. The ‟CADEX®” (Computer Aided Direct Extrusion) software calculates the optimum extrusion speed curve and the minimum billet temperatures required on the basis of the current process parameters and controls the billet heater according to the results. CADEX® boosts productivity by up to ten percent compared with extrusion without feedback. The extrusion press also operates with a billet length optimization tool. It calculates the optimum billet length on the basis of the extruded billets and the set extrusion parameters in order to increase the material yield. The result is fed back to the hot saw that cuts the billets to the required length for the extrusion process. This allows the scrap rate to be reduced.

Compared with conventional presses, the HybrEx® saves up to 55 percent in energy as it uses the hydraulics only for extrusion. The ancillary movements of the extrusion press are performed by dynamic, electric servo drives. Compared with those in conventional presses, the drives achieve twice the speed with 1,000 millimeters per second and thus reduce the dead cycle times. A shortening of one second here translates into an increase in production of up to 100 tons per year.

\"Royal United Metal and Glass decided in favor of SMS group because we could offer them the \'care-free package\', says Jens Magenheimer, Sales Manager Extrusion Presses at SMS. ‟The significant energy savings that the new press concept offers compared with other processes was an important argument here.”

The HybrEx® extrusion press is equipped with internal gear pumps which operate efficiently over the whole speed range. Thanks to its special design, the HybrEx® requires less space compared with earlier plant types. The enclosure makes barriers unnecessary, and no additional noise emission control measures have to be taken.

Royal United will use the press for the production of aluminum profiles for facades and windows. It extrudes 9 inch billets and has a capacity of approx. 14,000 tons profiles per year.

The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. Its 14,000 employees generate sales of over EUR 3.3 bn.


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