Düsseldorf, July 25, 2013

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Tung Ho Steel orders new induction booster EloHeat™

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Henry Ho, President of Tung Ho Steel (right), and Dr. Andreas Seitzer of SMS Elotherm, shake hands at theDr. Andreas Seitzer of SMS Elotherm, shake hands at the official contract signing ceremony.

Tung Ho Steel has ordered a new induction system from SMS Elotherm, Germany, for its production plant for medium and large sections in Miaoli, Taiwan. With the new induction reheater, Tung Ho Steel is achieving a huge reduction in heavy oil consumption, while reducing emissions at the same time. This ecoplants concept allows for rapid reheating of various materials and sizes.

“In contrast to the through-feed mode in the minimill featuring Continuous Mill Technology (CMT™), the induction coils are heated in one oscillation mode,” says Dr. Opezzo. The beam blanks, blooms or slabs are conveyed from the walking beam furnace into the induction reheating system EloHeat™, where they oscillate back and forth inside the induction coils and very quickly reach a temperature of more than 200 °C before entering the downstream rolling process.

“Depending on the steel bar’s geometry, the oscillation process only takes between two and five minutes,” says Dr. Guido Opezzo from SMS Elotherm. “Since the induction process generates the heat directly inside the steel, it is a very quick process which inhibits the formation of scale.”

The 19.2-MW system is powered by four medium-frequency transistor converters with a rating of 4,800 kW each. To reach the most suitable temperature for the downstream rolling process, the energy introduced into the sections can be adapted. To achieve this, Laser-Doppler speed measurement devices, in combination with optical pyrometers, are therefore used to control the process.

Capacity to reheat a variety of geometries

The entire product mix covers various materials and geometries, ranging from 480 X 430 beam blanks to 1250 X 220 slabs, all between four and ten meters long. This wide variety of geometries can be reheated with only three different types of inductor sets. Combined with the Elotherm quick inductor changeover system, the lowest possible downtimes can be ensured.

The new reheating line is scheduled to be commissioned in the third quarter of 2014.

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