Düsseldorf, January 08, 2016

SMS group to integrate surface treatment section at Rheinzink

Targeted surface finishing of zinc sheets 

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The Libeskind villa in Datteln (photo: Rheinzink).

Rheinzink, Germany, has awarded SMS group the order to expand the No. 2 pre-weathering line at its Datteln facilities. The main element of the contract is the integration of an alternative surface treatment section into the existing cleaning and pickling section, which was also supplied by SMS. With the new coating unit, Rheinzink intends to expand its portfolio of pre-weathered zinc sheets for the building industry. The installation activities will take place in August 2016 during a line stoppage of only five days, immediately followed by the commissioning of the new surface treatment equipment. 

In order to be able to complete the installation in such a short time, the existing plant will first be scanned by a 3D laser scanner. SMS will integrate the new equipment into the virtual 3D image of the facilities, which will show all existing machines, cabling and piping. This advanced planning method allows the project to be implemented in a very smooth, rapid and reliable manner. SMS will supply the coating unit complete with pre-tested electrical and automation systems, providing for a speedy commissioning process. 

In the new line, the zinc sheets will be subjected to a chemical pre-weathering treatment, which will give them a uniform surface. Without such treatment, the surface of zinc sheets is shiny and susceptible to staining, which would destroy their high-end look. Latest trends in architecture have been demanding sheets with a uniform and very dark surface. This type of surface can be produced with the new surface treatment unit, for which a special process was developed. 

In the new process section the treated construction-grade zinc sheets will be between 500 and 1,250 millimeters wide and between 0.4 and 1.5 millimeters thick. Most of them will be used for roofing and cladding applications.

The SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. Its 14,000 employees generate sales of over EUR 3.3 bn.


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