SMS group Press releases2019-08-19T13:05:46+02:00 /typo3conf/ext/bm_atomfeed/Resources/Public/Logo/smsgroup_logo.png <![CDATA[China Steel Corporation orders three converters from SMS group]]> 2019-08-06T15:23:10+02:00 2019-08-06T14:00:00+02:00 Improved plant availability and less maintenance

China Steel Corporation (CSC), Taiwan, has awarded SMS group ( the contract to supply three 160-ton converters for its No. 1 steel making plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The aim of the upgrade is to improve the availability of the converters and reduce the need for maintenance.

Replacement of the old and commissioning of the three new converters are scheduled for the period 2020 to 2022.

Hung-Ta Lin, Ass. General Superintendent, Steel Making Dept. CSC Taiwan: “We have been operating a BOF converter shop from SMS group at Dragon Steel Corporation for some years now. Our experience with SMS group has been so good that the choice for this order was an easy one. We look forward to working with SMS group in the years to come.”

The scope of supply covers the converter vessels, the trunnion rings, the proven lamella-type vessel suspension system, the tilt drives, the X-Pact® electrical and automation systems for the tilt drives, and supervision of erection and commissioning.

SMS group will ship the trunnion rings of 9-meter-diameter each in one piece to the customer’s site in Taiwan, considerably reducing the overall installation time.

The maintenance-free lamella-type converter suspension system ensures unrestrained arrangement of the converter vessel in the trunnion ring. Thanks to the use of the lamella suspension system, a larger air gap between the vessel and the trunnion ring and high-quality, and high-strength fine-grained structural steels, the converters can cope ideally with the alternating thermal stress during operation.

The X-Pact® electrical and automation systems for the converter tilt drives feature frequency-controlled three-phase drive technology which guarantees not only a high level of plant availability but also safe and reliable positioning of the converter vessels under continually changing dynamic loads.

<![CDATA[Benxi Steel orders smart slab caster from SMS group]]> 2019-07-31T13:59:26+02:00 2019-07-31T12:00:00+02:00 High-quality slabs for high-grade products

Benxi Steel (Bengang Group Corporation), Liaoning Province, China, has placed an order with SMS group ( for the supply of a single-strand slab caster to be installed at the steelmaker’s works in Benxi in north-east China.

The new casting plant will be designed for an annual production of up to 1.6 million tons of steel slabs of 230 millimeter thickness and between 1,000 and 1,900 millimeters wide. The caster equipment will be prepared to be extended to a slab thickness of 250 millimeters. Commissioning is scheduled for the end of 2020.

The new caster will produce slabs in high-grade steels, primarily for the automotive industry.

Smart and proven technologies, including various X-Pact® Level 2 process models such as X-Pact® Level Control, X-Pact Width Control und X-Pact® Solid Control, will be implemented to ensure high-quality slab production.

With X-Pact® TechAssist, Benxi Steel will receive a system with which the metallurgical parameters can be managed centrally: This SMS group-developed software supports the caster operator in selecting the optimal process parameters for the steel grade being processed.
Segments 2 to 15 will be equipped with STEC-Roll® technology. Rolls of this technology optimize the casting process and set new standards for efficient maintenance due to their long service lives and the possibility of being re-used.

The Vertical Liquid Bending (VLB) machine will come with an HD moldTC (TC – thermocouples). Special about this mold is that the temperature signals will be digitalized near the mold and transferred to the HD mold server via a high-speed bus. In the newly built maintenance shop, Benxi Steel will measure and align molds and segments using the digital alignment assistant HD LASr (High Definition Laser Aligning System remote), also an SMS group development. HD LASr, which features a three-dimensional laser gage and an intuitive HMI, provides accurate and reliable logging and meaningful assessment of the measured objects. Perfect alignment of the molds by means of HD LASr [mold], of the segments by HD LASr [segment] and of the strand by HD LASr [strand] is key to the attainment of high slab quality.

SMS group is also going to supply the quality assurance software Product Quality Analyzer. The PQA® system documents, monitors and secures the entire production process in the continuous casting plant. 

It supports high-quality production by capturing a great number of quality parameters along the complete production process. All these data will be available as an important data basis for evaluation and optimization purposes.

The X-Pact® process models and digitalization systems such as X-Pact® TechAssist, HD LASr and PQA® will make the new continuous caster smart in the sense of Industrie 4.0. 
SMS group’s order scope comprises the complete engineering, supply of the mechatronic and digital components including the X-Pact® electrical and automation systems as well as supervision of installation and commissioning.
Benxi Steel operates an integrated iron and steel works in the Liaoning Province. The steelmaker exports its products – hot and cold-rolled steel products, among others for the automotive and chemical industries – to more than 80 countries in the world.

<![CDATA[Steel Dynamics, Inc. has awarded SMS group an order covering the supply of a complete steel production line for its Sinton location in the state of Texas]]> 2019-08-07T12:17:14+02:00 2019-07-24T15:40:00+02:00 Thinking and producing in new dimensions

Steel Dynamics Inc. (SDI) has awarded SMS group ( an order for the supply of a complete steel production line, from the steelworks to the CSP® plant and from the cold rolling mill to the galvanizing line for its Sinton location in the state of Texas.

With an annual capacity of 3 million short tons (2.7 million tons) of steel the plant's productivity is setting new standards. In addition to the mechanical equipment from the liquid phase up to strip processing, the scope of supply by SMS group comprises X-Pact® electrical and automation systems as well as technical support during installation and commissioning.

Commissioning is scheduled for mid-2021.

For SDI’s production line, the systems supplier SMS group will supply the following components: The steelworks will be equipped with two direct-current electric arc furnaces (DC-EAF) having a capacity of 210 short tons (190 tons) each and two twin ladle furnaces (LF) and a double vacuum tank degasser (VD). It has an annual capacity of liquid steel of over three million tons.

The CSP® plant will enable SDI to produce thin slabs with thicknesses of up to 5.2" (130 millimeters) and slab widths of up to 84" (2,134 millimeters).

The CSP® continuous caster is designed as a single-strand curved mold plant (VLB – Vertical Liquid Bending). With a metallurgical length of over 82ft (25 meters) a yield of 7.5 tons per minute and casting speeds of up to 19.7ft/min (6 meters per minute) are attained.

An eight-stand rolling mill will enable SDI to produce API hot strip grades with thicknesses up to 1" (25.4 millimeters) and widths up to 84" (2,134 millimeters). The mill is designed for a minimal strip thickness of 0.047" (1.2 millimeters).

This CSP® plant will have a hot strip capacity of 3 million short tons (2.7 million tons) per year.

“With this new plant for SDI, SMS group will again make a statement for cost-efficient production paired with higher throughput and better quality,” says Cosimo Cecere, Head of Sales and Project Management CSP® Plants, SMS group.

Following the CSP® plant, a five-stand pickling line/tandem cold mill will be arranged. To meet future demands, the process section of the pickling line/tandem cold mill (PL/TCM) will be equipped with SMS group‘s latest turbulence technology and a 600-kN leveling unit. With the aid of a payoff reel upstream the tandem cold mill, the pickling line and tandem cold mill can be operated in parallel independent of each other. This permits the hot strip to be pickled and oiled or directly guided to the tandem cold mill. The annual pickling capacity will be 1.1 million short tons (1.0 million tons).

The five-stand, six-high tandem cold mill will have a wide roll gap setting range and thus ensure excellent cold strip tolerances and strip flatness. The strip width is 78" (1,981 millimeters). The tandem cold mill will be able to roll the cold strip down to 0.08" (0.20 millimeters).

A carousel reel will finally coil the rolled cold strip. In coupled mode with the continuous pickling line the annual capacity will be 850,000 short tons (0.77 million tons).

The skin-pass mill for post-treatment of hot and cold strip with priority at cold strip skin-passing is designed for an annual capacity of 440,000 short tons (0.4 million tons).

For cold and hot strip galvanizing, the plant will be equipped with a continuous galvanizing line including a horizontal Drever furnace heated by a direct-fired and a radiant-tube zone. The line will be prepared for the later installation of an ultra-fast gas cooling section to allow for future production of high-strength steel. The scope of supply also includes a DUMA-BANDZINK air knife system that will homogeneously and precisely set the zinc layer thickness to ensure high surface quality. A change system with two zinc pots will permit the strips to be coated with a conventional zinc layer or an aluminum-zinc alloy. For post-treatment, the line will be equipped with a four-high skin-pass mill stand, a tension leveler and two horizontal shuttle-roll coaters, as well as with an oiling machine in the exit section. The galvanizing line will be able to process strips with a thickness of up to 0.16" (4 millimeters) and a width up to 76" (1,930 millimeters). Its annual capacity will be 550,000 short tons (0.5 million tons).

For the complete technological part of the new plant complex, the X-Pact® electrical and automation systems included in the supply scope are an important factor. They assure that productivity, production flexibility and quality of the final products will meet actual and future requirements. The applied concept and equipment provide a solid foundation for the digitalization of the plants and processes and for future-oriented extensions and applications. Diagnosis and visualization concepts will be used in the entire plant. They assure and sustain effective and preventive maintenance activities.

SDI intends to sell the products in the rapidly expanding markets of high-strength steel tubes, multi-phase steels for vehicle construction and structural steels for various applications. SDI will become the leader for this new type of minimill for the production of hot strip. In particular, it is the new, extremely high-performance continuous caster in combination with the proven thermo-mechanical rolling process that will allow the production of special steels in unprecedented dimensions.

Mark D. Millett, CEO of Steel Dynamics, Inc., says: “The leading position in technology and the longstanding partnership between SDI and SMS group were the decision-making factors for awarding the order to SMS group.ˮ

Burkhard Dahmen, CEO of SMS group, says: “Steel Dynamics and SMS group have successfully completed numerous highlight projects in the past. In constructing the new plant complex in Sinton, Texas, we continue our fruitful and trusting partnership. The new project will once again illustrate the position of SMS group as Leading Partner in the World of Metals.ˮ

Steel Dynamics, Inc. (SDI), headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, is one of the largest steel producers and metal recyclers in the United States with production facilities located throughout the United States, and in Mexico.

<![CDATA[SMS group successfully commissioned the Compact Cold Mill at Aisha Steel Mills Limited]]> 2019-07-19T14:33:08+02:00 2019-07-19T14:24:00+02:00 CCM® installation in Pakistan

By rolling the first coil, SMS group has successfully put into operation the new CCM® (Compact Cold Mill) of Aisha Steel Mills Limited (ASML) in Karachi, Pakistan. Since 2015, this has already been the third successful installation of the two-stand type of cold rolling mill by SMS group in Pakistan.

The CCM® at ASML is designed for an annual cold strip production capacity of 500,000 tons. The new facility enables ASML to supply the local market with high-grade cold strip according to international standards and helps the company to make its contribution to reducing the country`s dependency on high-quality cold strip imports. The products rolled on the CCM® are up to 1,250 millimeters wide and down to 0.15 millimeters thin.

The CCM® features two mill stands in four-high design with the proven roll shifting technology CVC®plus (Continuously Variable Crown) by SMS group. CVC®plus is supplemented by further actuators to infinitely adjust the roll gap, for example positive and negative work roll bending. The quality-determining technical highlights of the plant include two X-Shape flatness measurement rolls, installed at the entry and exit sides, together with multi-zone cooling system and automatic flatness control.

The highly productive CCM® is equipped with the holistic X-Pact® electrical and automation system from SMS group. SMS group supplied the complete plant with all auxiliary equipment, such as modern technological instrumentation, emulsion plant, high- and low-pressure hydraulics as well as the fume exhaust system.

With this CCM® from SMS group, ASML operates a high-quality and modern plant technology suited to meet present and future requirements.

<![CDATA[Gerdau selects SMS group for rolling mill upgrades in Petersburg and Cartersville]]> 2019-07-16T15:33:45+02:00 2019-07-16T15:27:00+02:00 Strategic partnership to take advantage of synergies and expertise

Gerdau AmeriSteel Corp. has selected SMS group for the supply of rolling mill stands to upgrade the heavy section mill in Petersburg, Virginia, U.S.A., and the medium section mill in Cartersville, Georgia, U.S.A.

“This important investment will enable Gerdau to leverage the synergies between it’s Petersburg, Virginia and Cartersville, Georgia mills, allowing us to increase efficiencies and maintain our position as one of the leading suppliers of structural shapes in the market”, says Kevin Jilbert, Procurement Manager at Gerdau AmeriSteel Corp. “Following through on “The Gerdau We are Creating” for culture and roadmap planning, we are committed to the implementation of digital innovation and using technology to improve our operations and customer service.”

For the Petersburg location, SMS group will supply two CCS® stands (Compact Cartridge Stand) after the breakdown mill group with the aim of increasing productivity, improving performance and section control and allowing for future production range increases. The CCS® stands, developed by SMS group, are the industry standard for structural steel rolling and are adopted by the majority of producers worldwide. Gerdau Petersburg is operating these stands in the facility already since the start-up of the plant in 1998.

Gerdau Cartersville will be upgraded with the addition of three CS type stands after the breakdown mill and before the continuous finishing mill. In addition, a new cold saw will be added into the finishing section. The upgrade will allow the mill to increase productivity by optimizing the pass design and improving the section control. The heavy-duty CS compact stands are the ideal choice for demanding applications due to their superior rigidity and allowance for higher loads, especially in universal configuration.

“These important orders from Gerdau reaffirm SMS group leadership in the supply of medium and heavy section mill equipment. The Gerdau Petersburg mill was the first mill worldwide where CCS® stands were installed. The new order validates the customers’ satisfaction with these CCS® stands and the projects strengthen the relationship between both companies and are a testament of the long lasting reliability of our equipment.” says Thomas Maßmann, Executive Vice President Long Products from SMS group.

Both projects are slated for installation over multiple shorter shutdowns to minimize production impact. Completion of both is foreseen before the end of 2020.

<![CDATA[Salzgitter AG selects SMS group to build a new hot-dip galvanizing line at its Salzgitter site]]> 2019-07-11T16:03:10+02:00 2019-07-11T15:54:00+02:00 Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH (SZFG), a subsidiary of Salzgitter AG, has launched its “Hot-Dip Galvanizing 3” (FV3) project and one of its largest single investments of the last decade at the Salzgitter location. For plant engineering, the company selected SMS group as project partner. In addition to supplying all main components, SMS will also be responsible for erection and commissioning.

The new production facility, with an annual capacity of 500,000 tons, supplements SZFG’s already existing hot-dip galvanizing lines. “This project is a key component in the strategy of Salzgitter Group that  focuses on qualitative growth in the steel strip business and will help us strengthen our market position as a producer of premium products for national and international customers in the automotive industry,” explains Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heinz Jörg Fuhrmann, Chief Executive Officer of Salzgitter AG.

FV3 is scheduled to start operation in 2022 and will then produce third- generation AHSS (Advanced High-Strength Steel) grades for chassis and body applications which play an important part in lightweight automotive construction and in vehicle security.

Ulrich Grethe, member of the Group Management Board and CEO of SZFG’s Management Board says: “At the same time, FV3 is an essential factor in securing the future viability of Salzgitter as a steel location and the jobs there, as this investment will enable us to further optimize our already high-quality product portfolio.” The new facilities to be supplied by SMS group will produce hot-dip galvanized sheets with thicknesses of between 0.7 and 2.5 millimeters and widths from 800 to 1,700 millimeters. The strip is wound to coils with a maximum weight of 32 tons.

The production of high-strength and ultra-high-strength steel grades will be ensured by the integration of a high-performance furnace from Drever International, a member of SMS group, which achieves very high cooling rates with the innovative UFCplus rapid gas cooling system and features an oxidation/reduction process thanks to  PrOBOx® technology. The range of materials will cover ultra-high- strength dual-phase steels through to complex-phase steels and on to quench and partitioning steels,” explains Dr.-Ing. Michael Brühl, Managing Director of cold-rolled flat products at Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH. The configuration of the facilities as a whole offers the structural and technical prerequisites for implementing further innovative materials concepts. A DUMA-BANDZINK JetPro air knife system with integrated eMASS® strip stabilization will be used to precisely adjust the zinc coat thickness.

<![CDATA[SMS digital and Voith cooperate to push IIoT platform development]]> 2019-07-10T09:47:34+02:00 2019-07-09T13:07:00+02:00 •    Bundling of resources and exchange expertise for joint platform development

•    Cross-industry applications and services for the IIoT

•    Deep domain knowledge to address customer needs for digital applications

Voith and SMS digital, the digital subsidiary of SMS group, announce plans to bundle competencies in platform development. The aim of the cooperation is to offer platform services for their industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. The two companies are joining forces to digitalize business with smart applications and efficiently share development resources and competencies.

The joint platform provides both companies the opportunity to use new applications across different industries in the other’s worldwide core markets and speed up the development process of customer-relevant applications. For example, SMS digital can introduce its digital product Smart Alarm more efficiently in Voith's core markets and the process industries. Meanwhile, SMS benefits from Voith’s OnCumulus apps designed for production efficiency enhancement and asset management.

While most of the platform services are industry-independent and can be jointly used by both companies, some that are app- or industry-specific, will be reserved for the respective company. The customer gateways MyVoith and mySMS group still remain the central and cross-sector contact points for customers, partners and suppliers of each company. Additionally, these gateways serve as company-specific access points to the respective IIoT applications. The platforms and applications are accessible via all common mobile devices.

Building on deep domain knowledge in their respective industries, both the Voith Group and SMS group make effective use of these competences, developing highly efficient digital applications specifically for their customers’ needs. Both companies share not only this common background, but also a common vision. “Together, we provide platform solutions and technologies for the digital age that offer real added value to our customers,” states Dr. Benedikt Hofmann, CTO Voith Digital Ventures.

“SMS digital identifies and develops innovative products for the metals industry and we are very pleased to have the opportunity to take a further step in the digital transformation of key global industries together with Voith,” says Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, CDO, SMS group GmbH.

About SMS digital

SMS digital is the digital subsidiary of SMS group GmbH, a market leading supplier of digital solutions for plant and equipment in the steel and NF-metals industry. With over 14,000 employees, SMS group generates worldwide sales totaling EUR 2.8 billion.

In close cooperation with its customers, SMS digital identifies and develops innovative products for the metals industry building on most advanced development techniques, in-depth metallurgical process knowhow and technological expert knowledge. With digital applications and the use of artificial intelligence, SMS digital supports customers in implementing IIoT-solutions while disclosing efficiency potentials of their learning steel mills.

About the Voith Group

The Voith Group is a global technology company. With its broad portfolio of systems, products, services and digital applications, Voith sets standards in the markets of energy, oil & gas, paper, raw materials and transport & automotive. Founded in 1867, the company today has more than 19,000 employees, sales of € 4.2 billion and locations in over 60 countries worldwide and is thus one of the large family-owned companies in Europe.

The Group Division Voith Digital Ventures bundles the Voith Group’s long standing automation and IT expertise with the deep know-how in the fields of hydropower, paper machines and drive engineering. As an incubator, this Group Division is pushing for the development of new digital products and services. For decisively shaping the digitalization of mechanical and plant engineering, Voith is driving the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) forward. The Group Division plays a central role in digital innovations and applications for new markets as well as the development and responsibility for existing and new digital venture activities.


Angelina Hegele

Group Communications

Voith GmbH & Co. KGaA

Tel. +49 7321 37-2320

<![CDATA[Padana Tubi awards SMS group order for new 16 ¾-inch ERW tube welding line]]> 2019-07-03T15:57:39+02:00 2019-07-03T17:47:00+02:00 Flexible and efficient production

The Italian welded steel tube specialist Padana Tubi & Profilati Acciaio has reiterated its trust in tube welding technology from SMS group and ordered a new 16 ¾-inch tube welding line. The new line will be installed at Padana´s Guastalla works in 2020. At the same location a 14-inch tube welding line from SMS group is already in operation producing high-quality products.

With the new line Padana Tubi will increase the product portfolio for round tubes up to 406 millimeter (16 inch) diameter, as well as for square sections up to 350 x 350 millimeters and rectangular sections up to 500 x 200 millimeters. Besides heavy wall thicknesses up to 18 millimeters, the mill will be specially designed to produce high grades up to 700 N/mm². The products are mainly intended to satisfy the demand in the construction and the building sector.

SMS group is the single-source supplier of the complete mill equipment from strip preparation to the cut-off saw, including entry equipment, shear and end welder, horizontal strip accumulator, edge miller, forming, welding and sizing section, and a travelling milling cut-off machine.

The line will be equipped with URD® (Uniform Rigid Design) stands for automatic quick-change of the rolls. The quick-change system is controlled by the X-Pact® Quicksetting system, which sustainably improves the product quality by database-assisted plant settings. These features combined with a maximum mill speed of 45 meters per minute will allow Padana Tubi to achieve a high output and very flexible and efficient production.

With this new investment, Padana Tubi & Profilati Acciaio, established in 1970 in Guastalla, Italy, by the Alfieri family, is going to strengthen its position as a leader in the market for welded tubes and pipes, with more than 1,000,000 tons of steel tubes produced and sold every year.

<![CDATA[SMS group reaches operational and financial targets in 2018]]> 2019-06-26T11:42:35+02:00 2019-06-26T13:09:00+02:00 Company consistently pursuing growth strategy

  • Slight rise in order intake and earnings before taxes
  • Significant achievements in digitalization offensive
  • Global flagship projects in plant construction, port logistics and green hydrogen production
  • Rising order intake despite challenging market

    In the 2018 business year, SMS group reached its operational and financial targets as well as significant milestones in its growth strategy. At EUR 3,087 million, order intake for SMS group was EUR 217 million (7.6 percent) higher than the previous year's total of EUR 2,870 million. Sales of EUR 2,805 million, slightly (2.8 percent) below the 2017 level, reflect the lower order intake of the preceding years. In terms of the earnings before taxes, SMS group achieved a moderate increase of 16.5 percent to EUR 27 million. The equity ratio rose slightly to 20.5 percent. The number of employees in Germany and abroad fell slightly to around 13,900 at the end of 2018.

    Transformation program remains on track

    One of the reasons for the positive developments is the implementation of the measures from the "Task Force '21" transformation program. The program's stated targets were met as planned and in some cases exceeded. As part of Task Force '21, over 1,100 measures are being implemented worldwide to develop new fields of investment while simultaneously realizing cost savings potential.

    Torsten Heising, CFO: "Overall, we are satisfied with developments in 2018. We expect the positive trend to continue in 2019 and our medium-term targets to be reaffirmed."

    Growth strategy will be pursued further

    As well as sustainably strengthening the core business and the four strategic growth areas, SMS group’s strategy continues to incorporate selected investments and acquisitions. The global megatrends of urbanization, connectivity, sustainability and mobility rely heavily on innovative metal solutions. Rising expectations regarding the weight and strength of metals and the energy efficiency of the manufacturing process are driving global demand for premium plant construction solutions. As a leading technology provider, SMS group benefits strongly from this trend.

    Burkhard Dahmen, CEO: "We are continuously strengthening our position as the global market leader in plant construction. We are systematically implementing the transformation of our company as planned. Our successes in the market confirm that we are on the right path."

    Significant successes for digitalization offensive

    The digitalization of SMS group along the entire value chain brings about quantifiable benefits for customers. SMS offers its products and services in three core categories with the goal of enabling customers to make commercially successful use of plant and production data:

    1. On-site consulting by industry experts to take the digitalization of plants or business units to the next level of development
    2. Tailored data analysis to optimize product quality and plant efficiency
    3. Field-tested apps, some of which can be installed and start adding value within 48 hours, especially in production planning, condition monitoring and quality control.

    Having experienced rapid growth, the SMS digital unit is achieving further success with its industry leading platform mySMSgroup. To drive this market offensive, the number of digitalization employees worldwide has already more than doubled. This growth is expected to continue in 2019.

    Prof. Katja Windt, CDO: "We are pleased that our alliance of experienced industry experts and young software developers has made such a strong start. The recent market successes reinforce our ambitions to further expand SMS's leading role in digitalization".

    Product, project and process – optimal realignment of the Managing Board

    Additional innovations in product development, project management and process optimization are made possible by the realignment of the Managing Board. The close cooperation between CDO Prof. Katja Windt and the new Managing Board members Prof. Hans Ferkel (CTO) and Michael Rzepczyk (COO) will actively promote the integration of process, product and project.

    Burkhard Dahmen, CEO: "We are now optimally equipped as a Managing Board to implement our growth strategy and to remain the partner of choice for the most demanding customers."

    Worldwide flagship projects – from plant construction and green hydrogen production to port logistics

    Since the successful planning and realization of Big River Steel, the world's first "learning steel plant", SMS group has won several other major projects that will serve as important references. Further details will be announced shortly.

    Michael Rzepczyk, COO: "As a leading supplier in the industry, we are the partner of choice for our customers. We achieve this through technologically superior solutions and first-rate project management."

    One long-term focus of SMS group is the CO2 footprint of the steel industry. As a central development partner of the steel industry along the entire value chain, SMS group pursues the clear goal of minimizing CO2 emissions in the medium term and eliminating them in the long term. An important part of this vision is the strategic investment in and technological partnership with Sunfire GmbH, the developer and manufacturer of a highly efficient process for producing "green hydrogen". For the SMS subsidiary Paul Wurth, this partnership is an important step on the path towards green steel production and an opportunity to enter the growing market for e-fuels.

    Prof. Hans Ferkel, CTO: "We want to accompany our customers on the path towards hydrogen-based steel production and help them meet climate protection targets. Our goal is clear: The world's first CO2-free slab shall be produced on SMS equipment."

    The "New Horizon" strategy of SMS group opens up additional new business areas. For instance, SMS group boasts a pioneering role in additive manufacturing. This is another area that benefits from an integrated and technologically sophisticated approach: SMS group has developed an innovative plant for producing high-quality metal powder for 3D printing. The powder, currently produced at the Demo Center in Mönchengladbach, is then used in a 3D printer from the strategic cooperation partner Additive Industries to manufacture functionally optimized products. In this way, the powder atomization system, powder and printer are perfectly coordinated to produce optimal end products.

    The joint venture BOXBAY, founded together with DP World, a leading port operator, in Dubai, also stems from the New Horizon strategy. This project involves a new interpretation of the proven storage and transport technology from SMS subsidiary AMOVA for handling metal coils that weigh up to 50 tons. The High Bay Storage system triples storage capacity on the same floor area, resulting in massive efficiency gains thanks to faster handling in overcrowded and high-priced port zones.

    Burkhard Dahmen, CEO: "Our New Horizon successes in particular are proof that SMS's strategy is taking effect. This is where our innovative spirit and the entrepreneurial mindset of all our employees reaches its full expression. We have high expectations for the future. Together, we will do everything we can to reach our ambitious goals."

    <![CDATA[SMS group brings the future of metallurgical plant construction to life at METEC 2019 in Düsseldorf and invites visitors to exchange ideas]]> 2019-06-24T15:36:52+02:00 2019-06-24T17:31:00+02:00 New methods and processes for greater sustainability

    SMS group, world market leader in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry, will be exhibiting as the “Leading Partner in the World of Metalsˮ at METEC 2019, the international trade fair for metallurgy, at Stand E22 in Hall 5. The event takes place from 25 June to 28 June 2019 in Düsseldorf under the motto “The Bright World of Metalsˮ.

    Digitalization and the company's New Horizon strategy are key elements of the trade fair presence. SMS group will showcase some of its major projects with striking exhibits and interactive presentations.

    The company will highlight topics including its use of innovative methods – self-learning process models, real-time data transmission and virtual reality, among others – that enable plants to be operated at maximum performance for high profitability.

    In the field of digitalization, Big River Steel, the world's most modern steelworks, has been designed and constructed by SMS group as a learning steel plant. This is just one tangible example of how the company's digitalization strategy is achieving success along the entire value chain, from liquid steel to the end product.

    Aside from digitalization, SMS group will be presenting topics on the development of new business fields under the heading "New Horizon" at its METEC stand.

    •      One of these is the whole field of additive manufacturing, in which SMS group plays a pioneering role. From powder metallurgy and function-optimized design to 3D-printed components for “service on demandˮ, the company will present the entire process flow.

    •      With a view to the future and in the interest of sustainable production, SMS group is working on new products and developments for efficiently extracting metals from previously unproductive and secondary sources. For example, recycling metals from electrical scrap.

    •      In cooperation with the company Sunfire, Paul Wurth will also be demonstrating new methods of CO2-free steel production, which will significantly improve the environmental footprint of the steel industry.

    •      A new high-bay solution for container logistics called BOXBAY will be presented at METEC. This system will revolutionize the handling of shipping containers in ports. The high-bay storage system triples storage capacity on the same floor area, resulting in massive efficiency gains thanks to faster handling in overcrowded and high-priced port zones.

    The Leading Partner Talks at the SMS group stand offer partners an exclusive platform for sharing impressions and insights from their professional fields with an international audience, along with the opportunity to exchange experiences in depth. The Leading Partner Talks will take place several times a day, from 25 June to 27 June, at the SMS group stand. In addition to Carl Berninghausen, CEO of Sunfire and expert in sustainable iron production, there will be

    Leading Partner Talks from additive manufacturing expert Tobias Brune and Big River Steel CEO Dave Stickler, who will be joined by SMS group CEO Burkhard Dahmen.

    SMS digital, the digital subsidiary of SMS group, will be presenting itself In the outdoor area in front of Hall 5, on SMS group's “Digital Campusˮ. It will showcase digital products and services as well as platform solutions that will elevate plants and machinery to the world of Industry 4.0. Workshops and presentations will address the topics of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing.

    Further information on our Leading Partner Talks and other topics from SMS group's presence at METEC can be found here.

    <![CDATA[Tata Steel Ltd. places order with SMS group for upgrade of CSP<sup>®</sup> continuous caster]]> 2019-06-24T13:27:35+02:00 2019-06-24T15:22:00+02:00 Improved quality at high casting speed

    Tata Steel Ltd., India, has awarded SMS group the contract to upgrade its CSP® continuous caster at its plant in Jamshedpur.

    Both strands will each be equipped with an electromagnetic brake.

    This brake reduces the flow velocity of the liquid steel immediately when it has entered the mold, and thus steadies the mold level. As a result, the quality of the hot strip can be further improved while maintaining a consistently throughput rate.

    SMS group’s scope of supply covers the engineering, delivery of the electromagnetic brakes, the implementation, and the X-Pact® electrical and automation system.

    Commissioning of the first strand is scheduled for end-2019, with the upgrade of the second strand planned for end-2020.

    The CSP® plant supplied by SMS group in 2007 and 2010 is designed to produce 2.4 million tons of hot strip between 900 and 1,680 millimeters in width, and 1.0 to 20.0 millimeters thick.

    Tata Steel uses its CSP® plant to manufacture high-quality products. Besides carbon steels, the product mix includes non-grain oriented electrical steel strip, tube grades, and dual-phase steels.

    <![CDATA[ and SMS group partner to advance the Learning Mill for Big River Steel]]> 2019-06-21T10:07:33+02:00 2019-06-21T11:58:00+02:00 Cutting-edge Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® and powerful process automation systems work together to maximize production yields, enhance product quality, conserve energy and reduce costs.

    Leading Enterprise Artificial Intelligence® provider and SMS group, with its digital business fields − trailblazer in digitalization for plant and equipment used in steel and nonferrous-metals production and processing − today announced a partnership to jointly further optimize the world’s first learning steel mill for Arkansas-based Big River Steel.

    To help Big River Steel conserve resources and control energy output, SMS group and came together to couple the deep experience SMS group has in the metals industry and process knowledge with’s AI expertise. The joint solution was created by implementing’s learning algorithms into SMS group’s X-Pact® MES 4.0. was able to seamlessly leverage the fact that SMS group’s X-Pact® MES 4.0 was engrained into the steel mill’s IT environment and into their SaaS (Software as a Service) applications. The new end solutions digitize applications throughout every stage of the steelmaking process – starting at the liquid phase all the way to strip finishing.’s software and Enterprise AI Data Platform analyze historical and current high-frequency data from the mill’s about 50,000 sensors attached to SMS group’s equipment. uses the mill's data plus these sensor values and external data sources to sense, predict, and recommend corrections that maximize production yields, enhance product quality, mitigate safety risks, and minimize costs.

    For example, these insights can help minimize transition losses regarding steel grade, strip width or strip thickness, and predict how much energy is being consumed by the mill each hour and/or each day. This allows the steel mill to trade back energy to the market or change production schedules to make consumption more predictable.

    “By working with SMS digital, we are empowering an industry to turn business challenges into competitive advantages through the use of Enterprise AI®,” said CEO Steve Pratt. “Our mission is to create a world without waste. Given the intensive energy and material needs of the metal industry, efficiency improvements will not only improve business operations and the bottom line, but positively impact the entire ecosystem that surrounds manufacturers.”

    “In order for SMS group to implement digital solutions and therefore increase value for customers like Big River Steel, we knew that strong partners with excellent AI and machine learning capabilities were essential,” said Bernhard Steenken, CEO at SMS digital GmbH. “’s solutions gave our existing tools within Big River Steel’s mill the power to help them achieve maximum plant performance with minimal maintenance effort, along with high product quality and revenues.”

    As early as 2017, Big River Steel has been a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credential holder.

    About applies advanced data science (Artificial Intelligence AI) to industries at the core of the global economy to create a world without waste. With advanced AI applications business leaders who make, move, and sell things are empowered to make better decisions, reduce wasted energy, money, and resources, and ensure their businesses are built to last. Founded in 2016, is led by executives previously with the top firms in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and management consulting. focuses on radical efficiency for supply chain, transportation & distribution, and manufacturing using leading-edge artificial intelligence.

    About SMS digital comprising SMS group Inc. Digital Solutions and SMS digital GmbH

    SMS digital GmbH, the digital subsidiary of SMS group GmbH, and SMS group Inc. Digital Solutions collectively are a market leading supplier of digitalization for plant and equipment used in steel and NF-metals production and processing. SMS group GmbH generates worldwide sales totaling EUR 3.3 billion with more than 14,000 employees.

    In close collaboration with its customers, SMS digital identifies and develops innovative products for the metals industry building on most advanced development techniques, in-depth metallurgical process knowhow and technological expert knowledge. SMS digital helps its customers make their plants and machines ready for the digital age by means of digital applications and the use of AI.

    Media Contacts: Leslie Poston,

    <![CDATA[Hyundai Steel awards SMS group order for revamp of the heavy section mill at Incheon]]> 2019-06-19T16:04:28+02:00 2019-06-19T17:54:00+02:00 After successfully completing the commissioning of its new horizontal straightening machine, Hyundai Steel has awarded SMS group a follow-up order for the revamp of its Incheon heavy section mill in South Korea.

    With this revamp Hyundai Steel aims to expand its product range towards larger sections with webs of up to 1,100 millimeters and sheet piles up to a system height of 800 millimeters. SMS group takes up this challenge as the leader of a consortium with Hyundai Rotem, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group.

    As part of the project, various new functions will be added to the existing two-high breakdown mill stand and a new sideguard manipulator will be installed.

    The rolling line downstream of the breakdown stand will be replaced by a new CCS® (Compact Cartridge Stands) tandem group and one additional CCS® finishing stand. The stands will feature nominal rolling forces of 12,000 kN for the horizontal rolls and 8,000 kN for the vertical rolls.

    The CCS® stands will reduce the maintenance effort, and enable a shorter roll change time and higher rolling speeds, while achieving better tolerances.

    Commissioning of the new rolling line is scheduled for October 2020.

    With an annual crude steel production of 24 million tons, Hyundai Steel is one of the ten largest steel producers worldwide, supplying its products predominantly to the automotive, shipbuilding and general construction industries.

    <![CDATA[Fujian Luoyuan Minguang Iron and Steel orders section mill from SMS group]]> 2019-06-12T15:01:46+02:00 2019-06-12T16:55:00+02:00 Fujian Luoyuan Minguang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., located in Luoyuan County, member of the Sangang Group, PR China, has awarded SMS group GmbH the order to supply a new section mill for parallel flange beams up to 750 millimeters web height. The new section mill will enable Fujian Luoyuan Minguang Iron and Steel to broaden their product portfolio and to respond to the high demand for beams in the region and in the People's Republic of China.

    The section mill will be designed for an annual capacity of 1.3 million tons and equipped with a state-of-the-art breakdown stand and the latest-generation CCS® universal mill stands in reversing tandem arrangement, featuring hydraulic adjustment systems and automatic quick program change. The new CRS® roller straightening machine, which is also equipped with hydraulic adjustment systems ensures minimal program change time as well as best straightness and minimal residual stress level of the finished products.

    Furthermore, SMS group’s scope of supply includes the technology and engineering for the entire rolling mill, the supply of hot and cold saws, the PROGAUGE in-line profile gauge with surface defect detection (SurfTec) and other mechanical key components. The supply will be complemented by the basic automation for the rolling mill as well as electrical main and auxiliaries drives.

    The supervision of erection and commissioning as well as the commissioning of the electrical equipment and automation will be done by SMS group. The theoretical training of the customer’s personnel will be held in SMS group training center in Mönchen­gladbach. Further practical training will be provided at site during erection and commissioning by SMS group.

    The technological know-how, the proven top equipment and the commissioning expertise were factors in the customer’s decision to select SMS group as partner for this strategic project. Hot commissioning is scheduled for second half of 2020.

    <![CDATA[SAIL Durgapur awards SMS group with turnkey modernization for new converters and environmental facilities]]> 2019-06-05T11:55:58+02:00 2019-06-05T13:48:00+02:00 Higher productivity with advanced converter technology

    SAIL (Steel Authority of India Limited) Durgapur, India, has awarded SMS group a turnkey contract for the supply of three new 110-ton converters for its steelmaking plant No. 2 to replace the converters SMS group supplied 25 years ago. The new converters will be rated for ten percent more volume.

    Moreover, SMS group will supply secondary dust collecting systems for the three converters. The new systems will be installed in the works for the first time and will more than meet the relevant environmental requirements.

    Commissioning of the complete plant is scheduled for September 2020.

    The new converters will be equipped with a bottom stirring system for combined blowing, which cuts the stirring and homogenization time, reduces surface vibrations, and minimizes refractory lining wear. The objective is to reduce the use of alloying elements previously required.

    Thanks to the maintenance-free lamella converter suspension system developed by SMS group, the converter vessel can be arranged in the trunnion ring without restraint. The use of the lamella suspension system, a larger air gap, and high-quality special-purpose steel grades will ensure the converters are suitably adapted to the thermal loads. This is achieved without additional cooling fluids. Sufficient cooling is ensured by the natural thermal current alone.

    The X-Pact® electrical and automation systems for the entire converter shop will ensure cost-effective production and high steel quality.

    SMS group’s scope of supply comprises the turnkey installation of the equipment, design and supply of the converters, the bottom stirring system, secondary dust collection systems, and X-Pact® electrical and automation systems, as well as the erection and commissioning work.

    <![CDATA[METEC 2019 - Düsseldorf]]> 2019-06-04T17:12:09+02:00 2019-06-04T14:00:00+02:00 We are looking forward to METEC, the international trade fair for metallurgy, steel casting and steel production.

    From June 25th to 29th, the world´s leading experts from the whole field of metallurgy will meet at the METEC Düsseldorf. Our company will present its portfolio in the field of strip processing lines with advanced products such as galvanizing systems / air knives, electrostatic oiling machines, zinc ingot charging systems and zinc pot equipment.

    For more information, please click on the link below.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at the METEC 2019 in hall 5, booth E22-01.

    <![CDATA[SMS group to supply new finishing facilities for Daehan´s straight bar line]]> 2019-05-29T12:01:11+02:00 2019-05-29T10:00:00+02:00 South Korean company Daehan Steel Co., Ltd. has awarded SMS group an order covering the completion of the rebar rolling mill in its Pyeongtaek plant.

    The new equipment will allow Daehan to bundle rebars in small and main packages. Starting material will be billets 130 and/or 150 millimeters square with a length of 12 meters in low and medium carbon grades. The throughput rate will be 70 tons per hour. The rebars having a diameter range from 10 to 32 millimeters will be bundled to packages of commercial lengths from six to 12 meters and will have a weight between 1.5 to 2.5 tons. For products D10 to D19, the packages will have a weight of 400 kilograms.

    The rolling mill features an EBROS billet welding system, 14 HL (Housingless) mill stands and an eight-pass finishing block with VCC® (Vertical Compact Coiler) to produce five-ton coils of the rebar product sizes mentioned above.

    The scope of supply includes a new crop and dividing shear, a new cooling bed fitted with HSD® (High Speed Delivery) system, a newly designed cold-cutting system acting with counting stations, equipment for bundling small and main packages and for tying to ensure the packages will have a stable shape. The plant will feature latest SMS group technology for high-speed bar mills and tying equipment, such as

    • HSD® (High Speed Delivery) system which stands for increased productivity and maximum yield at high speeds of up to 35 meters per second.
    • Fully automated tying machines with energy consumption reduced by about 50 percent compared to the old-design compactors.

    Established in 1954 as Daehan Trading, the company was mainly active as a wire rod producer and in the 1970s started to produce steel bars due to a rapid growth of the Korean economy.

    Over the years, the company became a specialized steel producer. In 1992, it changed its name to Daehan Steel and emerged as one of the most important steel producers in the Far Eastern countries. With the present investment Daehan Steel will expand its possibilities on the local market and in the neighboring countries.

    Commissioning of the facilities is scheduled for mid-2020. Once in operation, the plant will be one of the most advanced and productive benchmark for the markets in terms of technology, quality, efficiency and low operational costs.

    <![CDATA[SMS group to supply new 100-ton-per-hour furnace for NLMK DanSteel’s existing plate mill]]> 2019-05-27T11:58:07+02:00 2019-05-27T13:44:00+02:00 SMS group has been selected for the plate mill modernization

    On March 6, 2019, SMS group signed an order covering the supply of a new 100-ton-per-hour walking beam furnace to be installed in the existing plate mill, which was supplied by SMS group too, of NLMK DanSteel A/S located in Frederiksvaerk near Copenhagen. The new furnace will include a broad range of innovations with the combination of SMS DigiMod combustion management system, SMS ZeroFlame burners and SMS GeniusCM® system for predictive maintenance ensuring very good results in terms of low fuel consumption, reduced scale formation and pollutant emission that comes with NOx values lower than 100 mg/Nm3. The new walking beam furnace will be able to reheat a wide spectrum of slabs in the weight range from 3.1 up to massive 62 tons for use in structural, shipbuilding, boiler and pressure vessel applications. In terms of material weights handled, this furnace will hence be the largest one ever built by SMS group. Plant commissioning and start-up are scheduled for the beginning of 2021.

    The scope of supply includes roller tables for slabs handling. The modern water treatment plant features an energy recovery system which uses the energy from the furnace for internal and external heating purposes. Further included in the project are the integration of a level-2 automation system, turnkey supply and extensive pre-assembling in order to facilitate installation and supervision activities.

    NLMK DanSteel is a private company 100-percent owned by NLMK International B.V., The Netherlands, and was established in 2002 on the basis of the former Danish Steel Works Ltd. which was founded in 1940. Since then, it has expanded and developed continuously. Now, it is part of the Russian NMLK Group.

    <![CDATA[SMS group received AIST James Farrington Award 2019]]> 2019-05-10T12:04:21+02:00 2019-05-10T13:53:00+02:00 Franck Adjogble and Wolfgang Spies, both SMS group engineers, received the AIST James Farrington Award 2019 in Pittsburgh, Pa., USA, on the 7th of May for their work entitled “Holistic Approach of High Quality Flat Steel Production – Dynamic Production Scheduling in Respect to Process Quality, Control System and Plant Condition”. The AIST James Farrington Award was established in 2005 to honor James Farrington, founder and first president of AISE and his vision for iron and steel companies to join together, present papers, share mutual problems and set standards for the improvement of electrical machinery and processes. The award was presented to the author of the paper Franck Adjogble, and Co-Authors Harald Rackel, Gregor Schneider, Klaus Pronold, Wolfgang Spies, Hans-Georg Jentsch. The paper was judged by the Electrical Applications Technology Committee to be the best technical paper submitted at AIST conference.

    SMS group is a global, leading partner for the metal industry. As a family-owned business headquartered in Germany the plant builder is committed to quality and innovation. SMS group’s customers cover the entire value chain of the global metal industry.

    As a systems supplier, SMS group supplied all the plants and process know-how for the steel complex of Big River Steel, Osceola in the United States, and has supported Big River Steel during commissioning. Ever since starting operations, Big River Steel has achieved a steep run-up curve in hot strip production. Covering a site of 567 hectares, Big River Steel is North America’s most modern steelworks. In the first construction stage, the plant is designed for 1.6 million tons per year of steel. The steelmaking plant went on stream together with the CSP® plant in December 2016.

    The CSP® plant consists of a CSP® continuous caster, a tunnel furnace, a CSP® rolling mill, a laminar cooling section and a downcoiler. Capable of rolling a maximum strip width of 1,930 millimeters, Big River Steel’s CSP® mill is the widest in North America. The hot strip from the CSP® rolling mill is further processed in the coupled pickling/tandem mill. There it is processed into high-quality cold strip. Together with the two downstream strip-processing lines, the tandem mill produces a wide range of products. Also integrated in the continuous process route is an annealing and galvanizing line with an inline skin-pass mill for hot-dip galvanized cold strip. What makes the offline skin-pass mill stand out is its very high rolling force. The X-Pact® electrical and automation systems solution was applied in all process stages from steelmaking to the strip-processing plant. It ensured the steelmaking complex went into production right on schedule in December 2016, then achieved a steep run-up curve. Big River Steel also uses the X-Pact® MES 4.0 which took immediately over production planning and control. Now Big River Steel has the capacity to produce strip in widths of between 914 and 1,880 millimeters and gages of 1.4 to 0.28 millimeters.

    To ensure top quality, Big River Steel uses the PQA® (Product Quality Analyzer) system SMS group developed in cooperation with the subsidiary MET/Con Metallurgical Plant & Process Consulting. The PQA® system collects and evaluates quality data of all products produced at all steps as well as quality-relevant process parameters along the entire process chain, from steelmaking to the finished product. Here, the process parameters can consist of measured values and results, but also complex criteria applied for quality analysis.

    Big River Steel is mastering flexible production planning with fluctuating and partly small batch sizes while adhering to deadlines supported by this set-up with SMS group’s approach for digitalization or the learning steel mill. It ensures intelligent, largely autonomous steel production. This involves the interconnection and collaboration of humans and machines across the entire value chain in dynamic production processes that adjust to optimum parameters in real time. Digitalization is not an end in itself; it is rather a means to further increase productivity and thus profitability as well as increase the flexibility and the resilience of the installed value chain.

    The prevailing architectural view of a Smart Factory considers AI, Data Science and related technologies to be the next higher level, a layer on top of existing conventional plant automation and information systems. In contrast, the SMS’ philosophy, called “Learning Factory”, integrates these new and emerging technologies into a synergy with the conventional, well-established systems.

    The paper “Holistic Approach of High Quality Flat Steel Production – Dynamic Production Scheduling in Respect to Process Quality, Control System and Plant Condition” describes the implementation of the Learning steel mill concept at Big River Steel – the world’s first ‘Learning’ Steel Mill.

    <![CDATA[Zekelman Industries contracts SMS group for supply of the largest continuous ERW tube mill in the world]]> 2019-05-10T09:56:55+02:00 2019-05-09T13:15:00+02:00 New market opportunities

    Zekelman Industries selected SMS group as partner and main supplier for a complete new 28″ ERW tube welding line to be installed at its “Atlas Tube” structural tube division.

    With the new 28-inch electric resistance welding line, Zekelmann Industries will be installing the biggest continuous line in the world, capable to produce more than 400,000 tons per year and thus extending its product range and sizes.

    The new line will allow Zekelman Industries to produce structural and piling products with diameters ranging from 10 ¾ up to 28 inches (273 to 710 millimeters) and wall thickness up to 1 inch (25.4 millimeters). Furthermore square and rectangular hollows in dimensions from 8 x 8 inches (203 x 203 millimeters) up to 22 x 22 inches (559 x 559 millimeters) or 34 x 10 inches (863 x 254 millimeters) will be produced. All products are mainly intended for demands of the construction and the building sector.

    The key aspect of the design and layout development of the new line are the highest requirements for quality and production output. The computer-controlled SMS group CSS Quicksetting® system ensures that the rolls can be adjusted automatically to their working positions after the size change. Further to an operational speed reaching 35 meters per minute, the line offers superior diameter/wall thickness ratio capability which, along with a quick product change-over time, results in great product flexibility.

    Zekelman Industries and its structural tube division, Atlas Tube, rely on SMS group´s tube welding technology for years. The company has placed several orders with SMS group for the expansion and improvement of the product spectrum of the ERW lines installed in Harrow, Canada and Blytheville, U.S.A. This latest order marks the next step in a successful cooperation between both companies.