SMS group Press releases2018-11-20T16:41:12+00:00 /typo3conf/ext/bm_atomfeed/Resources/Public/Logo/smsgroup_logo.png <![CDATA[Henan Mingtai grants SMS group final acceptance of high-performance aluminum cold mill]]> 2018-11-19T14:18:58+00:00 2018-11-19T15:11:00+00:00 High-quality wide aluminum strip

On October 18, 2018, the Chinese aluminum producer Henan Mingtai Al. Industrial Co., Ltd. has granted SMS group the final acceptance certificate for the new aluminum cold rolling mill established at the Gongyi location. Henan Mingtai is very satisfied with the plant since regular operation could be started soon after a short and efficient commissioning and ramp-up phase.

The six-high cold rolling mill with CVC®plus (Continuously Variable Crown) rolls a wide range of materials and alloys up to a maximum strip width of 2,650 millimeters. The portfolio includes, for example, sophisticated material grades and qualities for automotive body application.

Henan Mingtai now owns a high-yield mill producing strips of excellent quality and featuring the most advanced rolling technology, with core components, including CVC®plus technology for roll shifting and the new inductive and particularly energy-efficient roll barrel heating system, made in Germany by SMS group.

<![CDATA[Bornay S.L. trusts in high-precision tube welding line from SMS group]]> 2018-11-09T10:32:28+00:00 2018-11-09T11:27:00+00:00 High yield strength and close tolerances

Spanish welded steel tube specialist Bornay S.L. has ordered an HF (High Frequency) tube welding line, type RD 40, from SMS group for its Alicante works. SMS group is the single-source supplier of all technical equipment from strip preparation to the cut-off-saw.

The new machine will produce round tubes with diameters from 10 to 40 millimeters and wall thicknesses from 0.75 to 4.5 millimeters, as well as squares in dimensions from 10 x 10 millimeters to 30 x 30 millimeters and rectangulars in dimensions from 20 x 10 millimeters to 40 x 20 millimeters with wall thicknesses ranging between 1.00 and 4.00 millimeters.

The tube welding line to be commissioned in the first quarter of 2020 will achieve a production speed of maximum 120 meters per minute. Here, Bornay can produce high-quality tubes with round, square and rectangular cross-sections. They can be used, among others, as precision tubes for the automotive sector, but also for metallic furniture or in the agricultural sector.

“Our requirements with regard to the new welded tube plant were very high since we produce tubes for mechanical applications that require a high level of precision in their finishing. The engineers from SMS group have designed a plant meeting our needs.” says Juan Bornay, Managing Director, Bornay S.L.

<![CDATA[POSCO Pohang modernizes its wire rod and bar-in-coil mill #2 with SMS group]]> 2018-11-09T10:41:34+00:00 2018-11-08T13:12:00+00:00 Quality, process and plant efficiency will be highlighted with the new pouring reel for special steels in South Korea

Pohang Iron and Steel Company (POSCO), the fifth largest steel producer in the world and largest in Korea, has awarded SMS group the order to modernize its existing wire rod mill at its Pohang works.

The plant presently produces 540,000 tons per year of wire rod and bar-in-coils for automotive applications in the diameter range from 14 up to 42 millimeters with coils up to two tons.

The target of the modernization includes the replacement of some equipment along the mill (existing descaler and additional one on the rolling mill), a new cropping shear, a shiftable water cooling line, pouring reel machines with walking beam conveyor, cooling fans and hoods assuring in-line treatment of coils.

The project foresees to widen coiled round products up to 55 millimeters diameter and smaller products rolled at 22 meters per second. The mechanical areas will be connected with a scratch-free conveying system that, combined with the automation package supplied by SMS group, will grant POSCO a quality improvement on the rolled surface of the bars and a better coil shape and formation. Further implementations are the off-line simulation process with CCT® (Controlled Cooling Technology) and quick changing system of the water cooling line in less than five minutes to grant better plant efficiency. These features will give POSCO the possibility to better supply the automotive and special steels market.

This latest modernization project further underlines SMS group's upgrade expertise and its position as a leading supplier of rolling mills for quality steels in all size ranges.

<![CDATA[Aurubis orders new Peirce-Smith converters from SMS group]]> 2018-11-06T10:16:21+00:00 2018-11-06T11:11:00+00:00 Hamburg-based Aurubis AG is to take delivery of new converters, which will be supplied by SMS group and used to produce blister copper, an important stage in the copper production process.

The converters will be installed at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. They are scheduled to be put into operation in fall 2019. The converters measure 15’ x 38‘. Aurubis AG is installing the new converters in order to strengthen and consolidate its global position as an integrated copper group and the world’s largest copper recycler.

The new converter design already takes future optimization into account to allow for more efficient production processes.

SMS group has been commissioned with the engineering, delivery, and installation of the converters.

SMS group is a group of companies internationally active in plant construction and mechanical engineering for the steel and nonferrous metals industry. It has some 14,000 employees who generate worldwide sales of about EUR 3 billion. The sole owner of the holding company SMS GmbH is the Familie Weiss Foundation.

<![CDATA[E-MAX and Technical Service of SMS group prolong service contract]]> 2018-10-31T14:51:45+00:00 2018-10-31T15:47:00+00:00 Flexible service package for long-term high availability in aluminum production

ALUMINIUM 2018, the leading trade show for the aluminum industry took place in Düsseldorf from 9 to 11 October. In addition to discussing the big topics of the future at the SMS group booth, representatives of SMS group’s Technical Service also presented its service concept for extrusion press operators. This concept is characterized by a strong focus on quality, productivity and safety of production. Numerous guests, among them Dimitri Fotij, CEO, and Stijn Kusters, Plant Manager, of Belgium-based E-MAX PROFILES, came to Düsseldorf to discuss and exchange information with the service experts of SMS group.

Several years ago, E-MAX Profiles and SMS group had signed a first contract for a comprehensive service package related to the two SMS group-supplied light-metal extrusion presses designed for pressing forces of 25 and 35 MN, respectively. E-MAX has been extremely satisfied with the quality of the technical service provided by SMS group. Therefore Dimitri Fotij and Stijn Kusters came to Düsseldorf to discuss and sign a follow-up contract. “The market for aluminum profiles is extremely competitive. SMS group has proved to be a strategically essential partner in safeguarding the high availability and productivity of our machines in the long run,” explains Fotij.  “We plan and perform the service activities in close coordination with our customers, always bearing in mind their production schedules. We set great store by a regular exchange of views and ideas with the plant operators because this allows both sides to benefit from the cooperation and further develop their skills on a continuous basis,” says Ben Zander, Head of Modernization and Maintenance Services for Hydraulic Presses at SMS group.

E-MAX belongs to Belgium-based Vaessen Industries. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of products, from aluminum extrusion billets down to high-quality extruded profiles, which it further processes and finishes for a wide range of applications. By offering X-ECO, i.e. alloys produced in a sustainable way from recycled aluminum, E-MAX has set a milestone in terms of sustainability and environmental awareness.

<![CDATA[Semi-continuous billet mill from SMS group at Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation in full operation]]> 2018-10-30T12:40:46+00:00 2018-10-30T13:19:00+00:00 Designed for maximized productivity of large-size billet rolling

The new semi-continuous billet mill supplied by SMS group to Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation in the Ha Tinh province, Vietnam, has commenced full commercial production. Formosa issued the FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate) to SMS group in June. Jimmy Chen, Head of Long Product Rolling Mills at Formosa, states: “SMS group convinced us with its outstanding number of reference mills and the best technological concept. Our new mill is considered the newest and most modern billet mill in the world with latest design CBD (Compact Breakdown) breakdown mill stand and ultra-rigid CS stands of the latest generation. The CS stands are just the perfect solution for the finishing of large-size billets due to its rigidity and sturdy design.”

The new billet mill is designed for a capacity of 1,000,000 tons per year of special steel grades in the first phase and up to 2,000,000 tons per year in a second expansion. It is producing 160 and 180 millimeter square billets from blooms of 260 x 300 millimeters and 360 x 450 millimeters in size.

The blooms, reheated up to 1,250 degrees Celcius, are descaled by means of high-pressure water. The reversible two-high blooming mill stand is equipped with sideguard manipulators and hook-type tilters on the entry and exit side. The state-of-the-art stand design includes a hydraulic unjamming device, roll force measurement, ultra-rigid hydraulically activated keeper plates and roll shifting, to mention but the main highlights. All functions are fully automatic and roll change is performed in less than 25 minutes.

Provision has been made for a four-sided flame scarfing machine to be installed after the blooming mill. Before entering the continuous mill, the head of the leader pass can be cut off by means of a 10,000 kN bloom shear and the leader section is tilted through 45 degrees with the bar turner. The four-stand continuous mill is of H/V (horizontal/vertical) design. All stands are of CS design.

A key feature of the mill is the 3,800 kN four-crank shear designed to cut billets of up to 180 millimeters square into lengths of 10 or 12 meters and essential in safeguarding high utilization and low production costs. Also the head and tail ends are cut. As the lifetime of the shear blade is much longer than in saw-type cutting, the specific cutting costs are approx. 10 times lower. At the same time, utilization of the mill is much higher.

All billets are cooled on two turn-over type cooling beds where they receive their final high straightness. Each billet is marked with a stamped number and weighed separately at the end of the cooling bed. Both, billet ID and weight are reported to the Level 2 system which forms the basis of a well-organized storage system and production planning for the downstream mills.

The loading area of the mill boasts four loading beds. Via three of the loading beds, the billets can be sent directly to the storage bays of the downstream rolling mills. Alternatively, they are sent to an intermediate storage area where they cool down to below 50 degree

Celsius so that they can be processed through the fully automatic inspection and grinding line which was also supplied by SMS group.

SMS group also supplied the complete electrical and automation package, including complete Level 1 and Level 2 automation.

<![CDATA[Aurubis orders new Peirce-Smith converters from SMS group]]> 2018-11-02T14:08:37+00:00 2018-10-26T12:53:00+00:00 Hamburg-based Aurubis AG is to take delivery of new converters, which will be supplied by SMS group and used to produce blister copper, an important stage in the copper production process.

The converters will be installed at the company’s headquarters in Hamburg. They are scheduled to be put into operation in fall 2019. The converters measure 15’ x 38‘. Aurubis AG is installing the new converters in order to strengthen and consolidate its global position as an integrated copper group and the world’s largest copper recycler.

The new converter design already takes future optimization into account to allow for more efficient production processes.

SMS group has been commissioned with the engineering, delivery, and installation of the converters.

<![CDATA[Shandong Rizhao grants SMS group FAC for high-capacity hot strip mill]]> 2018-10-25T11:49:12+00:00 2018-10-25T13:43:00+00:00 Chinese steel producer Shandong Iron & Steel Rizhao has issued the Final Acceptance Certificate for the new high-capacity hot strip only seven months after rolling the first coil.

The hot strip mill is part of a large-scale order which the Chinese steel producer had placed with SMS group. The complete order comprises the hot strip mill, a coupled pickling line and tandem cold mill (PL/TCM), two continuous annealing lines (CAL) and a hot-dip galvanizing line (HDGL). The production plants are located on the eastern coastal area of China in the province of Shandong.

The high-capacity hot strip mill has a maximum annual capacity of 4.8 million tons and produces strips with a maximum width of 1,900 millimeters. The final strip thicknesses range between 1.2 and 25.4 millimeters. The main mill equipment includes a descaler in the roughing mill, a slab sizing press, a two-high reversing roughing mill stand, a four-high reversing roughing mill stand with edger, heat panels on the delay roller table to the finishing mill, a crop shear, a descaler at the entry side of the finishing mill, seven finishing mill stands, a laminar strip cooling section and three down coilers for the finish-rolled hot strip.

This mill configuration provides Shandong Iron & Steel Rizhao high flexibility in hot wide strip production. One reason for this flexibility is the slab sizing press at the entry of the hot strip mill which achieves width reductions of up to 350 millimeters. The two high-capacity roughing mill stands allow Shandong Iron and Steel Rizhao a great variation in pass schedule calculation. The heat panels on the delay roller table reduce temperature losses in the transfer bar resulting in decreased energy costs and making for more stable rolling in the finishing train. The powerful finishing stands are able to roll with forces of up to 52 MN (F1-F4) and 40 MN (F5-F7). For thickness control all finishing mill stands are equipped with hydraulic screwdown actuators. The proven CVC®plus system (Continuously Variable Crown) with integrated work roll bending ensures a high-quality strip profile, strip contour and strip flatness.

The PCFC® system (Profile, Contour and Flatness Control) calculates the correct shifting position of the specially ground work rolls and the setup values for work roll bending, resulting in the ideal roll gap for each strip rolled. By taking into account the varying rolling conditions, narrowest geometrical tolerances are guaranteed, providing for efficient further processing of the hot strip in the downstream coupled pickling line and tandem cold mill and in the strip processing lines.

Before the final acceptance the required dimension range of strip thicknesses between 1.2 and 25.4 millimeters and strip widths of up to 1,900 millimeters had been successfully rolled. The grades rolled included steels for the automotive industry, for construction applications as well as X80 pipe grades. Thanks to the proven profile, contour and flatness control (PCFC®) system and the sophisticated CVC®plus actuators, the geometric target values specified for the thickness profile and the strip flatness were safely achieved.

The customer Shandong Iron & Steel Rizhao commented very positively on the trouble-free commissioning of the high-performance hot strip mill: “With the plant engineering and process technology from SMS group we can now produce hot wide strip as primary material for the automotive and pipe manufacturing industries in a highly efficient way.”

<![CDATA[MY VIET INDUSTRIES grants final acceptance for push-pull pickling line and Compact Cold Mill supplied by SMS group]]> 2018-10-23T11:07:08+00:00 2018-10-23T12:59:00+00:00 Commissioning rapidly and successfully completed

Vietnamese cold strip producer MY VIET INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd. has granted Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd., a company of SMS group, the final acceptance for the supplied push-pull pickling line and the CCM® (Compact Cold Mill).

My Viet had put the push-pull pickling line and the twin-stand cold rolling mill into operation in May 2018. In July 2018, after six weeks of hot commissioning and performance optimization, Esmech Equipment Pvt. Ltd. received the final acceptance certificate.

MY VIET INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd. is a reputed supplier of coated steel products for the construction industry. The new cold strip mill in the Hung Yen Province, south of Hanoi was added to an existing works as a backward integration in order to provide the existing facilities with the required cold rolled strip and to supply the additionally produced strip to the Vietnamese industry. The mill will produce approximately 400,000 tons per year of low carbon strip in widths of up to 1,250 millimeters and final thicknesses down to 0.15 millimeters for numerous construction and industrial applications.

The push-pull pickling line is realized as a turbulent pickling bath, comprises a double entry section and four pickling tanks completely made of granite. The design allows for high process speeds and safe and eco-friendly processes.

The pickling line can process strips with widths in the range from 600 up to 1,250 millimeters and thicknesses of up to 4 millimeters. The process speed can be varied between 15 and 120 meters per minute.

The CCM® is equipped with high-tech components manufactured at the German workshops of SMS group. The components include the well-proven CVC®plus (Continuously Variable Crown) roll shifting technology and roll bending devices, which ensure premium rolling results and high production efficiency. The mill also features automatic flatness control, modern actuators, an interactive roll pass calculation module and level-2 automation. All this makes MY VIET INDUSTRIES Co. Ltd. perfectly set not only for current but also for future customer requirements.

<![CDATA[Daehan Pyeongtaek modernizes existing VCC<sup>®</sup> mill with new SMS group billet welder and VCC<sup>®</sup> line to produce 5.0-ton coils]]> 2018-10-16T08:18:16+00:00 2018-10-16T10:06:00+00:00 Second order in a row - New welder and 5.0-ton compact coiler for Korea

DaehanSteel Co. Ltd., South Korea, awarded SMS group an order to modernize its existing VCC® (Vertical Compact Coiler) of the rolling mill in its Pyeongtaek plant, which is located in the Seoul area.

The plant produces 450,000 tons per year of compact coils in diameters from 10 to 25 millimeters which is internally processed in the own cut-and-bend facilities or exported to the Far East market.

The modernization project foresees the installation of a new welder at the furnace exit side of the existing rolling mill which will be used to join billets 130 x 130 millimeters or 150 x 150 millimeters to generate an endless feedstock that will be rolled on the existing mill to make a tailor-made coil weight of up to five tons.

The intermediate rolling mill line will be also modified with a relocation of the existing crop shear used for head stock cutting, while a new dividing shear will operate to define the coil weight by cutting endless bar. The modification of the existing water quenching / soft cooling line is foreseen as well to fulfill the requirements of the new process.

The existing VCC® system will be modified to handle the new coil weight of up to five tons by replacing the two coilers and some modifications at the coil handling located downstream. The VCC® line produces compact coils directly coiled in vertical position. Plant operators can therefore eliminate the need for turning manipulators and, at the same time, reduce the process cycle time as all coils are formed in the final position. The coils are ready to be stored immediately once coiling has been completed and the coils have cooled down. Reduced handling also minimizes the overall risk of damaging the coil surface.

SMS group, with deep knowledge of the existing plant, will minimize the modification at the existing equipment to reduce the shutdown time of the plant for the erection.

The main target of the modernization is the production of heavier coils which will reduce the downtimes in the cut-and-bend facilities leading to a reduction in production costs.

DaehanSteel places the second order in a row with SMS group, trusting in SMS group's modernization expertise and strengthening the long-term partnership between both companies.

<![CDATA[Stable outlook and clear growth target for SMS group]]> 2018-10-10T08:32:16+00:00 2018-10-10T10:26:00+00:00 •    Core business complemented by four growth areas

•    Transformation program Task Force 2021 on track

•    Targeted acquisitions remain under consideration

SMS group, the world market leader for metallurgical plant construction, has confirmed the financial targets in its core business and at the same time achieved important successes in its structural and cultural transformation program.

Burkhard Dahmen, Chairman of the Management Board: “We are fully on track. Our clear target is an operating result of seven percent in 2021, with an order intake of 3.2 billion euros. The most important drivers are four strategic growth areas, a stronger focus on foreign growth markets, and initial successes from our “Task Force 2021” transformation program. This program comprises more than 600 individual measures that not only improve all cost categories and internal processes, but also enable higher investments in new areas and business fields.”

Dahmen announced during a presentation in Düsseldorf on the company's new projects and products that the order volume in 2018 will be slightly higher than in the previous year. Due to the long project durations in the new plant business, the sales effect will occur with the delay that is typical for the industry. The steel industry continues to be characterized by high overcapacities. The share of major new construction projects in order intake has declined noticeably. On the other hand, service and modernization orders are becoming increasingly important for SMS group.

Burkhard Dahmen continued: “This is why we are systematically pressing ahead with our realignment, to maintain our leading market position in the rapidly changing market. While the boom years were marked by major new construction projects, modernization projects are now the main focus of our business. Customers need higher cost efficiency and an improved energy balance. SMS not only provides them with the hardware, but also with the automation, advice and on-site support they need.”

In light of this development, alongside its core business, SMS group is pursuing four central offensives, which are currently being successfully implemented:

1. Digitalization: Under the leadership of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt, who has been a member of the SMS Managing Board since the beginning of 2018, the company is consistently expanding its leading position in digitalization. SMS group already has nearly 200 different digital products in use today. The majority of these products are already being used successfully on the market, others are in development. SMS has developed the “Learning Steel Mill” on this basis. Here, the target is for a steel mill to independently optimize and control itself - based on human know-how, physical correlations and complex mathematical models that are evaluated in real time. This improves key performance parameters such as product quality, throughput time, delivery on schedule and output. Worldwide, the best known implementation of such a concept is the Big River Steel plant in Osceola, Arkansas (USA). A transfer of this concept across the entire process chain is planned – also for other industries.

2. Further growth opportunities will be created by new business models – in some cases only made possible by digital technologies. Performance-based contracts are increasingly appreciated by customers. Such models enable the company to participate directly in the added value of its technology solutions. For example, SMS group already has a number of performance-based contracts under which the company is no longer paid for the hardware or services it supplies, but is directly involved in attaining jointly agreed parameters of financial success – be it output increase or cost reduction. Leasing-like models such as “Software as a Service” or in the future “Equipment as a Service” are well received in the market and are increasingly implemented by SMS.

3. Service: The expansion of the service business is intended to ensure that in future around one third of the business volume will be generated in this sector. The local partnership-based customer relationships, the extensive portfolio of a full-liner along the entire value chain and the latest technological innovations enable SMS to be increasingly integrated into its customers' plants and processes. Whether it is spare parts, maintenance or modernization of plants, or consulting and training of customer personnel, all areas will make an important contribution to realizing the planned growth.

4. Under the name “New Horizon”, a large number of promising projects are underway in which SMS group is transferring its expertise and know-how from metallurgy to related industries. In addition, SMS uses its access to the market to establish new products. The diverse portfolio covers a double-digit number of products and applications – including:

•    The coolant ILTEC, which eliminates the risks associated with water cooling of metallurgical vessels.

•    As part of its integrated additive manufacturing strategy, SMS group has commissioned its own pilot plant for the production of high-purity metal powder for 3D-printing applications, which can supply metal powder for any industrial process.

•    The SMS subsidiary AMOVA, which specializes in heavy-duty logistics, has developed a disruptive, integrated overall solution for the automatic handling of ISO containers in container ports.

•    The boom in electric vehicles and the demand for smartphones and tablets is increasing the demand for so-called “High Purity Alumina” (HPA) – a core element of the battery and scratch-resistant screens. SMS is currently building a plant that will produce HPA much more cost-effectively using a new process.

•    The UrbanGold plant technology, which allows LME-grade metals such as gold, silver, platinum, nickel and copper to be economically recycled from electronic scrap. Up to 98 percent of these precious metals can thus be recovered and converted into pure metal products.

In addition to these strategic initiatives, SMS continues to consider targeted acquisitions of suitable start-ups or established specialists. SMS constantly monitors the market in order to expand know-how in relevant areas or to open up new business fields.

<![CDATA[SIDENOR issues FAC to SMS group for upgraded bar mill in Basauri]]> 2018-09-25T09:11:42+00:00 2018-09-25T10:41:00+00:00 Quick and successful turnaround for an effective rolling process

Following the successful commissioning of the upgraded bar mill at its Basauri location, Spanish company SIDENOR ACEROS ESPECIALES, S.L. has issued the final acceptance certificate (FAC) to SMS group.

The upgrade was aimed at ensuring more effective rolling operations, increasing the initial pass section, raising rolling speeds, and improving the material properties. SMS group’s scope of supply included all process facilities, the automation system, and the entire erection and commissioning.

As part of the upgrade the existing three-high roughing stand was replaced with a six-stand continuous roughing mill with compact stands (CS) in V-H arrangement. What’s more, a new flying crop shear and two additional compact stands in an H-V arrangement were installed upstream of the current eleven-stand continuous finishing mill. A further flying shear, which was installed in the exit section of the bar mill, enables SIDENOR to cut not only larger cross-sections in future, but also smaller sections at speeds of up to ten meters per second. Static, multi-strand entry and exit guides, and in some cases roller entry guides, are used to guide the rolling stock.

The scope of the upgrade also included the installation of a completely new walking beam furnace and related entry and exit equipment, which will allow for higher capacity levels in future thanks to its modular design. The exit side of the furnace is equipped with a high-pressure water descaling unit. The furnace is also equipped with the advanced SMSPrometheus® level 2 automation system, which is ideal for setting the heating parameters according to the wide range of steel grades to be rolled. The use of SMS ZeroFlame burners will also minimize pollutant emissions into the atmosphere in future.

This latest reference further underlines SMS group's upgrade expertise and its position as a leading supplier of rolling mills for quality steels in all size ranges. The order was completed on time within a very short delivery period.

At its Basauri works, SIDENOR ( produces round bars in the 29 to 100-millimeter-diameter range from high-grade carbon steels, low and high-alloy quality steels and tool steels, roller bearing steels and stainless grades used in the automotive industry, in the oil and gas industry, and in the machine and plant engineering sector.

<![CDATA[FUXIN orders coil trimming line from SMS group]]> 2018-09-20T08:01:39+00:00 2018-09-20T09:58:00+00:00 150,000 tons of processed stainless steel strip for the Chinese industry

FUXIN (Fujian Fuxin Special Steel Co., Ltd.; an entity of Formosa Plastics Group, Taiwan) has selected SMS group to supply a coil trimming line for stainless steel strip. The line is to be erected in the Fujian province of China and scheduled to start production in 2020. It will enable FUXIN to process 150,000 tons of cold strip annually. The material will mainly be used for applications in the home appliances, elevator or construction industries.

SMS group supplies the complete engineering of the line, electrical and automation systems as well as the mechanical equipment. Also included in the scope of supply is the supervision of erection and commissioning.

The line serves for trimming of the strip edges to the desired width. The edge scrap will be cut into pieces via a scrap chopper. This process is followed by a visual inspection. Besides trimming, another main purpose of the line is to uncoil and rewind the coils.

The line will process strips up to 1,350 millimeters wide and between 0.2 and 3.0 millimeters thick. The maximum process speed will be 200 meters per minute. The product range will comprise stainless steel of the 200, 300 and 400 series.

<![CDATA[SMS group upgrades rolling mill of Daehan Sinpyeong with new quenching and HSD<sup>®</sup> lines]]> 2018-09-17T10:45:58+00:00 2018-09-17T12:42:00+00:00 HSD® success story to be continued

South-Korean Daehan Steel Co. Ltd. has placed an order with SMS group for a bar mill modernization. This new order further strengthens the longstanding cooperation between SMS group and Daehan Steel.

The rolling mill in Daehan´s Sinpyeong works located in the Busan area is designed to produce 130 tons per hour of rebar in diameters from 16 to 32 millimeters up to grade SD 500.

The modernization project will comprise the replacement of the existing quenching line with a new one designed with latest technology from SMS group, including systems for precise pressure control and exact setting of the water flow rates. In addition, two dividing shears with associated pinch rolls and a bar braking system will be supplied, as well as a HSD® (High Speed Delivery) line that will be integrated into the existing cooling bed. With this new HSD® system, Daehan will be able to feed bars onto the cooling bed via rotating channels, which are precisely synchronized with the soft bar braking unit, the cooling bed cycle movement and the bar position monitoring system. Furthermore, the bars can be cut to all product sizes at any speed. The shears cut bars in diameters up to 32 millimeters. Due to the dedicated control system, the shears provide very tight cutting tolerances even at maximum speed. The newly supplied equipment will be fully integrated by way of an automation package from SMS group.

The main objective of the modernization is to reduce the ferro-alloys content in the billets, which will result in a substantial cost reduction. The upgrade is also aimed at increasing the product range. With the new SMS group equipment Daehan will be able to add 13 millimeter rebar to the size range and produce new steel grades up to SD600.

This latest reference underpins SMS group's modernization expertise and strengthens the longstanding partnership with Daehan.

<![CDATA[Hertwich to supply multi-chamber melting furnace to Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde NV]]> 2018-09-13T12:22:31+00:00 2018-09-13T14:19:00+00:00 Expansion of melting capacity in Belgium

Hertwich Engineering, a subsidiary of SMS group, has received an order from Hydro Extrusion Lichtervelde NV for the supply of an Ecomelt-PS200 multi-chamber melting furnace including a skimming machine. The plant with a melting capacity of 60,000 tons per year will be installed in the casthouse in Ghlin, Belgium. Commissioning is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

By the acquisition of Sapa, Hydro has considerably expanded the scope, presence and innovative competitive edge of its extrusion division. As a globally leading extrusion plant, Hydro currently supplies more than 30,000 local and global customers in more than 40 countries around the world. In Belgium the company employs around 850 people in their extrusion facilities in Raeren and Lichtervelde and in the aluminum casthouse in Ghlin.

Hydro will increase the recycling capacity in Ghlin by 60,000 tons per year by adding a new Ecomelt-PS200 multi-chamber melting furnace from Hertwich Engineering. With this investment Hydro responses to the growing importance of scrap recycling, both manufacturing and turnaround scrap, within the extrusion industry. With aluminum starting to be intensively used in construction, transportation, industrial and other applications about five decades ago, we now see a corresponding rise in the amount of turnaround scrap. The aluminum industry benefits from this trend by an approx. 95 percent reduction of the energy demand in aluminum production. Hertwich Engineering, which has reached a worldwide leading position with their Ecomelt melting technology, can achieve even higher energy savings using suitable scrap.

The Ecomelt PS furnace to be installed in Ghlin is especially designed for medium to heavily contaminated scrap. The casthouse requires a broad spectrum of different types of scrap: vehicle license plates, wires, machining chips, cables, lithographic sheet, profiles, UBC, spray cans and others - partially loose in bulk, partially shredded, partially briquetted or packetized. The degree of contamination ranges from "clean" all the way up to heavily contaminated with paint and lacquers, rubber and plastic parts, oils, greases, etc. Furthermore, even solid scrap, such as sows, T-bars or ingot stacks are charged.

With this type of furnace the scrap flows through a vertically arranged preheat shaft, which is filled from above. The hot gases flow through the charged material in the shaft from bottom to top while the organic compounds are completely removed. The resulting pyrolysis gases are fed into the main chamber to support the gas heating. At the bottom end of the preheating shaft the decoated and preheated material is immersed in the flowing bath and is immediately melted. The melt flow between the furnace chambers is generated by electro-magnetic liquid metal pumps.

The resulting pyrolysis gas volume when melting heavily contaminated scrap naturally reduces the demand for heating gas more than when melting relatively clean scrap. The energy consumption of this furnace type is between 300 and 550 kWh/ton, depending on the condition of the scrap. The remaining slag (dross) from the melting process is concentrated on the bath surface and must be removed. For this, Hertwich supplies a rail-guided skimming machine for safe, careful and fast cleaning of the furnace.

Due to this furnace concept, the energy content of the organic contamination is used efficiently, whereby operating costs are reduced markedly. Furthermore, the minimum emissions (NOx, VOC, CO, dioxins, no salt addition) contribute to a safe and environmentally friendly furnace operation – an aspect that has a high priority within the entire Hydro group.

<![CDATA[Prometal Aciérie contracts SMS group to supply hot rolling mill to widen its production]]> 2018-09-12T13:25:29+00:00 2018-09-12T15:20:00+00:00 First combined rolling mill in Africa

Prometal Aciérie, Cameroon, Africa, has awarded SMS group the order to supply a new hot rolling mill for rebars, sections and wire rod. The new rolling mill will be designed for the production of straight rebars, angles, channels, flats, squares, beams and wire rod coils, enabling Prometal to expand its product portfolio, covering as much as possible of the product mix for long steel products. With this investment, long steel producer Prometal Aciérie, based in Douala, Cameroon, is going to install the first combined rolling mill in the African region.

The rolling mill will be designed for a maximum overall capacity of approx. 300,000 tons per year. Starting with 130 millimeter square billets, which will be heated up in a 60 ton-per-hour modern pusher-type furnace, the mill will be able to produce rebars from 8 to 32 millimeters, sections such as 100-millimeter-high beams and channels, and smooth rounds in coil from 5.5 to 12 millimeters. The state-of-the art HSD® (High Speed Delivery) System allows reaching the full production capacity for the complete size range, increasing the material yield. The high speed finishing block will produce quality wire rod coils at minimized operational costs. Moreover, the rolling mill will be controlled by a Level 2 automation system provided by SMS group.

The combined mill, completely supplied by SMS group, will become the new reference benchmark for the market in terms of high technology, quality, efficiency and low operational costs in Africa.

Commissioning of the new rolling mill is scheduled for December 2019.

<![CDATA[Thöni orders 55-MN aluminum extrusion press line from SMS group]]> 2018-09-11T12:50:36+00:00 2018-09-11T14:46:00+00:00 Automobiles of the future comprising aluminum products from Tyrol

Thöni group, headquartered in Telfs, Austria, has placed an order with SMS group covering a press line for the extrusion of aluminum. The line includes a 55-MN front-loading extrusion press to process billets that have a maximum diameter of 12 inches (304.8 mm) and a maximum length of 1,600 millimeters. This extrusion press is already the fifth one SMS is going to install for Thöni. The extrusion press line is to be established in a new works at the recently developed location at Pfaffenhofen and will produce profiles of aluminum and aluminum alloys for application in the automotive and other markets.

“From the end of 2019, the new line will produce about 8,000 tons per year of high-quality aluminum profiles for the European automotive industry. Through subsequent processing we will refine these products ready for installation,” says Helmut Thöni, CEO and shareholder of Thöni group.

To satisfy its demanding customer base, Thöni group has invested in most advanced extrusion press technology. Billet heating will be done in a patented induction furnace, a combination of induction furnaces from IAS, a subsidiary of SMS group, and a gas-fired furnace from Extrutec GmbH. Aluminum bars will be stored in a warehouse, then heated to approx. 480 °C in an inline furnace, sawed to a maximum length of 1,600 millimeters and transported to the billet loader.

The 55-MN front-loading extrusion press will be built to SMS group’s latest design and be equipped with the highly precise linear guidance system for all moving main components, servo drive technology for all auxiliary functions as well as the proven EcoDraulic concept to reduce energy consumption. In addition, the press will have a modular process control system, part of which will be CADEX/3 (Computer Aided Direct Extrusion) for isothermal and isobaric extruding. The MIDIS (Management Information Diagnostic Indication System) technology package will allow for the administration of all product-relevant data. An IBA measuring and analyzing system integrated into the control system will provide the opportunity of remote diagnosis.

Directly downstream the extrusion press, an advanced runout will be installed by OMAV, another company SMS group is holding a stake in. Two high-performance cooling systems using spray water and air will cool the extruded profiles from an outlet temperature of about 520 °C down to approx. 100 °C. A special challenge here is to adapt the cooling rates to the product extruded in order to prevent profile warping. All cooling parameters will be recorded and managed by MIDIS. This makes sure identical material properties such as strengths can be reproduced in follow-up orders − a must for the automotive industry. One double puller, one flying saw, one stretcher, one final cutting saw and an automation system complete the runout area.

“With this state-of-the-art extrusion press line from SMS group we are setting the course for the growing demand for aluminum components. We have devised the new works for possible expansion by further extrusion press lines right from the start,” supplements Helmut Thöni.

Commissioning is scheduled to take place in summer 2019. Extrusion of the first billet is planned for July 15, 2019.

<![CDATA[Impol Group Slovenia awards final acceptance to SMS group for modernized aluminum cold rolling mill]]> 2018-09-06T13:56:23+00:00 2018-09-06T15:53:00+00:00 40-year-old cold rolling mill with higher performance after revamp to the latest state of the art

After successful modernization of the 40-year-old aluminum cold rolling mill by SMS group at the Slovenska Bistrica facility, the Slovenian aluminum producer Impol Group Slovenia has awarded the final acceptance to SMS group. The previously performed acceptance tests had proven that the rolled products are now fulfilling even stricter quality criteria.

With this upgrade, Impol Group Slovenia has invested in the future viability of the facility and has brought about significant improvements of the cold rolling mill’s capability. The strip width and thickness range was enlarged and the maximum coil weight increased. By new setting and control systems, strip quality was improved, particularly regarding the achievement of closer thickness and flatness tolerances. A new strip blow-off system minimizes oil residues and provides a homogeneous strip surface.

The comprehensive upgrade and extension measures comprised technological control systems and measurement instrumentation, entry and exit side equipment of the rolling mill, coil logistics, media plants as well as accompanying modifications of the foundations. SMS group managed to integrate the new components and units in the limited space available of the existing mill.

Thanks to these measures, Impol Group Slovenia is operating an all-around renewed aluminum cold rolling mill that fulfills current market requirements and is well prepared to meet future challenges.

<![CDATA[Aperam orders annealing and pickling line for stainless steel cold strip from SMS group]]> 2018-09-04T12:07:29+00:00 2018-09-04T14:00:00+00:00 High-performance production plant for stainless steel strip in Belgium

Aperam Stainless Belgium has contracted SMS group to supply an annealing and pickling line for stainless steel cold strip to its Genk plant in Belgium. Production start is scheduled for 2020. With this investment in state-of-the-art and future-oriented plant technology, Aperam will enlarge its product range by material grades for the most demanding applications and improve lead time and flexibility to meet the market demand. It will further increase efficiency and cost competitiveness of its plants and continuously enhance the impacts on health, safety and environment.

The line will stand out due to its high degree of automation and resource-saving processes and will be equipped, in addition to a horizontal Drever annealing furnace and a multi-stage pickling section, with a four-high skin-pass mill stand and a side trimmer. The new annealing and pickling line will be the fourth one SMS group is going to install at Aperam’s Genk site.

Besides mechanical equipment, process technology, furnace technology, electrical and automation systems, the scope of supply will also include technical support during installation and commissioning. The line will process both austenitic and ferritic grades.

<![CDATA[Železiarne Podbrezová places order with SMS group to modernize existing push bench]]> 2018-09-03T12:58:46+00:00 2018-09-03T14:55:00+00:00 Reduced future effort for maintenance and repair in tube production

Železiarne Podbrezová has placed an order with SMS group covering the upgrade of its existing push-bench plant in Podbrezová, Slovakia. On this push bench, Železiarne Podbrezová produces seamless tubes in the diameter range from 0.5 inch to 5.5 inches. The modernization order covers two new racks with drive pinions and a new rack guide bed for the push bench as well as 14 new stands for the stretch reducing mill.

The new racks, which have a special gearing, will be supplied in merely three partial lengths (instead of the existing five ones) and with the connecting elements in an even better and stronger version. The rack guide bed will be of robust and single-part design in its cross-section. All individual rack guiding elements are to be supplied in maximum possible lengths so that four elements only will be needed to cover the overall length. As a consequence, the forces and torques in the rack guide bed can be perfectly absorbed and hence significantly reduce the effort for maintenance and repair. The new stands for the stretch reducing mill will be designed for the use of hard metal rolls that can absorb higher rolling forces and permit greater pass diameters to be cut.

“Since we had good experience with SMS group in the past, we again decided to have the modernization made by SMS,” says Milan Srnka, Technical Director at Železiarne Podbrezová.