Düsseldorf, August 20, 2020

#Connect webinar: The Learning [Steel] Plant

The learning steel plant is our vision of a holistically connected production facility, which uses intelligent pattern recognition algorithms to determine all scenarios in advance, draws the appropriate conclusions from real events, and continually trains and monitors itself by means of artificial intelligence. The concept focuses on forward-looking production planning, product quality assurance and monitoring of the plant condition. SMS group dedicated a complete webinar to this topic. 

Webinar agenda
  • Opening statement and keynote on the Learning [Steel] Plant (Burkhard Dahmen and Bernhard Steenken)
    Our vision of the Learning [Steel] Plant is unique in the metals industry and a pole star to the digitalization strategy of SMS group. In this episode SMS groups’ CEO Burkhard Dahmen and the CEO of SMS digital Bernhard Steenken give an overview of the digitalization efforts at SMS group and introduce our vision of the Learning [Steel] Plant
  • Data infrastructure solutions (Marcus Fritsche)
    The basis of success in digitalization is to make all data of your plant available whenever needed, wherever needed. But not only that, at the same time the gathered data have to be processed and enriched in order to make them usable for the various applications installed in your plant. The SMS DataFactory does just that, making our data infrastructure solution a key differentiator. Also, this is of key importance for an integrated end-to-end product genealogy.
  • 5G: Realtime value chain integration (Jens Petri)
    5G is one of the biggest game changers to digitalization in the metals industry. With its’ huge bandwidth it enables steel producers to execute real-time condition monitoring, machine-learning supported root-cause problem solving and live tracking of the workforce in the plant to improve worker safety. In this episode we guide through the basics of 5G and depict the first use cases of SMS digital for the metals industry.
  • Predictive asset health solutions (Christoph Häusler)
    In our vision of the Learning [Steel] Plant our predictive asset health solutions are of central importance. In order to produce the right quality in time, in spec and in budget the condition of your plant is key. The SMS group predictive asset health portfolio covers solutions for real-time condition analysis, error detection, root-cause analysis and maintenance planning. By that we enable our customers to proactively take care about plant and processes.
  • Predictive product quality solutions (Friedrich Lücking)
    Predictive Quality to us means to produce the right product in time, in spec, in budget. In order to do so we merge metallurgical knowhow with state-of-the-art digitalization competences. Based on the SMS Data Infrastructure solutions we are able to bring together all quality related data from the upstream processes, evaluate the product quality, and derive setpoint adaptation for downstream processes. By that we prevent downgrading, re-working and scrap.
  • Predictive production planning solutions (Wilfried Runde)
    The dynamic changes in market demands, triggered by the Internet of Things, require considerably shorter modernization cycles as we head towards Industry 4.0. Production lead times must be minimized and a high level of adherence to delivery deadlines must be achieved. At the same time, resources must be optimally utilized with reduced stock, and maximum yield must be attained to ensure profitability. This is where SMS digital offers a variety of different software solutions that employ methods of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data analysis to monitor all production steps along the entire process chain.
  • Predictive energy management solutions (Thiago Turchetti Maia)
    In the future a proactive, resource-saving and CO2 minimizing energy management will be of crucial importance for steel producers around the world. With the Viridis Energy Platform SMS group together with Vetta Tecnologia is able to offer the right tool to plan, manage and monitor the energy consumption of your plant, optimize the production from an energetic point of view and manage the various energy contracts.
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