Utrecht, February 11, 2020

ecoDraulic: Energy efficient operation of an extrusion press for aluminum

Successful modernization at Nedal Aluminium

With an intelligent automatic start-stop system for hydraulic pumps, extrusion presses for aluminum can save energy. The ecoDraulic-system switches off the hydraulic pumps not in use. This system was applied successfully during a modernization at Nedal Aluminium in the Netherlands.

Start-stop system for hydraulic pumps increases energy efficiency

When operating an extrusion press for aluminum with conventional hydraulics, all main pumps are usually in operation during the entire press cycle. Also during the extrusion time when some pumps are idling, because only a small flow rate is required.

With the installing of an ecoDraulic system an integrated intelligent automatic start-stop system is installed. With a Soft Starter the drives of the hydraulic pumps that are not used in the pressing process are switched off and only switched on again when the power is needed.

This saves energy during production and reduces CO2 emissions of the extrusion press. The improved energy efficiency is shown and recorded on the visual surface of the press control. This enables energy saving to be monitored.

Implementation at Nedal Aluminium

Nedal Aluminium B.V., headquartered Utrecht, the Netherlands, works closely with the Technical Service of SMS group when it comes to maintenance and upgrading of its three extrusion press lines. An important milestone in modernization measures was implemented last year when an ecoDraulic system for saving energy was installed on a 55 MN extrusion press.

With more than 80 years of expertise, Nedal Aluminium develops, produces and sells top-quality aluminum profiles for the most varied applications and Nedal is the leading manufacturer of high-quality and innovative lamp posts. By employing sustainable and reusable raw materials, Nedal continuously reduces its own CO2 emissions and energy consumption and is also actively involved in global climate protection projects, whereby compensating its CO2 footprint completely.

Ten percent energy savings in main drives

Rob van der Meij, Technical Director at Nedal, expresses his satisfaction with the ecoDraulic system, as follows: “We always strive to be efficient, sustainable and environmentally conscious. In addition to the use of sustainable raw materials, we are primarily helped by the continuous optimization of our processes. With the ecoDraulic system from SMS group, we have achieved just that. After several months of operation, we have already ascertained that more than ten percent of energy is saved in the area of the main drives. As a result, we are able to further contribute to saving energy and CO2 emissions“.

“More than ten percent of energy is saved in the area of the main drives.” Rob van der Meij, Technical Director, Nedal Aluminium

Ben Zander, Head of Modernizations and Maintenance Extrusion Presses at SMS group adds: „We are proud to have substantially contributed to an even more efficient and environmentally friendly op-eration of our long-time partner Nedal. The system is functioning properly and the previously calculated savings could be achieved."