Burbach, July 24, 2017

High quality, more flexibility

Saarstahl rolls first billet on high-speed wire rod mill, upgraded by SMS group

Saarstahl AG has successfully taken into operation the high-speed wire rod mill at its location in Burbach, Germany. The high-speed wire rod mill has been modernized by SMS group.

To employ larger initial pass sections (180 mm x 180 mm), enhance the rolling conditions and secure competitiveness in the long term, Saarstahl commissioned SMS group at the end of 2014 to expand the one-strand roughing mill of its four-strand wire rod mill at its Burbach location. Apart from the expansion of the four-stand roughing mill by two additional stands, this upgrade included a shear, a four-strand switch and a four-strand pinch roll unit.On August 14, 2016 the expanded wire rod mill was handed over to the customer on time ready to start production.

With the expansion of the one-strand roughing mill different leading pass sections can now be employed without conversion measures. The final cross-section from the roughing mill is the same for all input cross-sections and is then distributed onto the four strands of the wire rod mill by means of the new switch.

Due to the modernization, the high quality of our products and the plant availability of our high-performance line has improved yet again and we are able to react to individual needs of the customers even faster and more flexible. Martin Baues, Member of the Board and Chief Technical Officer, Saarstahl AG