Amstetten, May 18, 2018

Higher performance through new industrial robots

buntmetall Amstetten is a leading European manufacturer of semi-finished goods and finished parts made of copper and copper alloys. In Austria, the company operates a new 50-meganewton non-ferrous metal extrusion and tube press of SMS group. The extrusion press is equipped with fully automated handling devices, with two industrial robots of SMS group taking over all tasks performed manually until now. This saves time and increases the production flow.

We are highly satisfied with the progress of the entire project managed by SMS group. Alfred Hintriger, Managing Director buntmetal amstetten
The confined space conditions posed a special challenge in this project which could be solved particularly well with the concept from SMS. Eugen Wegmayr, Head of Technical Service, buntmetall amstetten

A billet heating plant is arranged upstream of the press consisting of four vertical induction furnaces. SMS group therefore provided the basis that even alloys difficult to be heated can be heated up individually in very small lot sizes and to extrusion temperature in a very narrow temperature tolerance range.

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