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Düsseldorf, July 16, 2019

Highly transparent, supremely reliable and extremely ergonomic process-oriented operation

X-Pact® Process Guidance

  • Are you aiming for high flexibility in production with ever-smaller batch sizes and increasingly wider production mixes?
  • Do you want your employees, no matter how experienced they may be, to be able to cope with unusual situations, even if they occur extremely rarely?
  • Does your automation technology provide your plant with essential transparency and intelligently interconnecting and systematically cross-linking knowledge and data?
  • What about a seamless merging of automation levels and a component-oriented system extendibility by adding further modules and applications?

X-Pact® Process Guidance is our new standard for the future automatic control of demanding plants. Intelligent, process-oriented operational guidance ensures the same look and feel for the whole digital environment across all products.

Compatible to Software as Service (SaaS) it provides your automation technology with intelligence and competitiveness.

A reference in Canada

X-Pact® Process Guidance has already been implemented in more than ten different applications. For one of our customers in Canada, we have equipped the complete steel mill area with a new process optimization and planning system based on our X-Pact® Process Guidance. This tailor-made solution begins with the takeover of the pig iron at the blast furnace with a GPS acquisition of the torpedo cars. The charged material for the steel mill, such as scrap, lime and other additions are dynamically calculated in terms of cost and availability for each heat.

Production planning for the entire steelworks includes in total six primary and secondary metallurgical plants (2xBOF, 2xLF, 2x CAS-OB, scrap yard) up to the two continuous casting plants. Dynamic models for steel and temperature calculations for the entire production chain ensure high quality production in terms of yield, energy consumption and costs.

Further highlights of the system are: uniform operating philosophy, full integration of the laboratory equipment, integrated planning of the entire production in one system, fully automatic tracking and recognition of all torpedo cars and ladle movements.

Find out more key features of X-Pact® Process Guidance innovative plant automation concept here as well in our SMS group customer magazine.