Mönchengladbach, June 14, 2018

HMT Höfer Metall Technik concludes a service contract with SMS group

Services for extrusion presses increase productivity, secure quality, and enhance production reliability. This has convinced HMT Höfer Metall Technik who commissioned the Technical Service of SMS group with a service contract for their extrusion presses.

The service contract includes an overall service package for the 18-MN GIA extrusion press as well as the 25-MN HybrEx® extrusion press from SMS group. In the course of this, a concept was developed together with HMT containing the following services:

Equipment checks

Specialized service technicians of SMS group record the status of the plants coordinating the results directly on-site with HMT. Finally, HMT receives a detailed report with servicing and repair recommendations, and if necessary an adequate spare parts offer or a modernization advice.

The aim: early detection and planning of necessary measures.

Alignment checks

The whole geometric alignment of the extrusion press is checked by specially trained service technicians

The aim: creating the basis for high profile quality.

Crackt test

To ensure that production downtimes of the plant are prevented, crack tests at regular intervals are indispensable. The Technical Service of SMS group is aware of highly-stressed components and performs tests at these points. In case of damage, recommendations for direct action are derived.

The aim: avoiding unforeseen standstill periods, reaching increased production reliability.

Hydraulic and control optimization

To make sure that plant productivity is maintained on a permanently high level, hydraulic and control optimizations have to be carried out regularly.

The aim: reducing idle periods and pressure surges, securing productivity.

“The workflows in our maintenance department are focused on product quality, productivity and production reliability. We are consistently working on an improvement of this situation. To achieve this, we have developed a customized service concept with SMS group. With its technical expertise, SMS group is the perfect partner supporting us in planning and implementing these measures. We look forward to master this challenge together as team with SMS group,“ said Christian Schwarz, General Manager at HMT. Apart from the 18-MN GIA extrusion press, HMT has also been operating a HybrEx® extrusion press from SMS group since 2014 with a nominal press force of 25 MN. As the first company worldwide, HMT has changed over to the new extrusion press generation. HMT is one of Germany’s cutting-edge extrusion companies operating a successful extrusion plant with a broad spectrum of extruded quality profiles und accordingly versatile further processing.