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Düsseldorf, July 02, 2018

How to realize your digital potential

German small and mid-sized companies can generate up to 126 billion Euro of additional added-value with consistent digital transformation until 2025. This is based on the McKinsey & Company’s study “Die Digitalisierung des deutschen Mittelstands”. In comparison to other industries the biggest potential can be found, amongst others, in the metal and electrical industry – namely 15,1 billion Euro. Mid-sized industrial companies know that they need digital solutions. However, they mostly view digital transformation only from the IT perspective. But this is too short-sighted!
Buzz words like smart products or smart services are omnipresent. Industry 4.0 signifies the necessity to digitally transform oneself. That is clear. However, especially the small and mid-sized businesses in the metal industry are often not sure how to unlock their digital potential. Specialized external partners can give support with a different view on the company. The “Digital Ideation Workshop” helps to unlock digital potential.

Digital transformation has an impact on the entire company

Digital transformation affects the entire company and concerns all dimensions. From engineering to the organization, to the people, to business models. It is no longer only about improving productivity with the help of IT. It is about developing new business areas, to realize a connectivity along the entire value-added chain and actively involve customers. This also includes renewing and adjusting the own company culture accordingly, as well as involving the employees early on. Only this way digital business models can be realized sustainably. Especially mid-sized companies have to speed up in order not to miss the boat.

Support from external specialists

Disruptive changes like Industry 4.0 and hence digital transformation present especially mid-sized industrial companies with big challenges. In most cases, however, a certain organizational blindness gets in the way of such a big transition. Oftentimes this is accompanied by the employees’ fear of change. But this must not stop small and mid-sized businesses in the metal industry. Especially those companies are agile enough to be able to make quick decisions and this way tackle their digital solutions fast. Specialized partners can help them with the development and the realization of digital potential.

Workshop: unlocking digital potential

SMS digital supports industrial companies in unlocking and realizing their potential. The experts have created a two-day „Digital Ideation Workshop“. Together with industrial companies they analyze the individual potential in this workshop, develop first palpable product ideas and a respective roadmap for the realization. If requested, they also support their customers in the implementation of the developed digital product ideas. In this workshop, modern methods like Design Thinking and Lean Startup are used. This way the experts allow the customer to solve complex problems and to create integral solutions. First palpable results can already be presented at the end of the workshop. This way the digital product idea can be turned into a concrete digital solution within a few weeks.

Develop digital solutions for your company with our Digital Ideation Workshop