Düsseldorf, April 09, 2018

Industrial Internet of Things - what is that?

The Internet of Things (IoT) takes aim at connecting physical and virtual objects. Intelligent machines support people in their work processes. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), on the other hand, focuses on industrial processes such as the improvement of operational efficiency, faster process flows and cost reductions, for example in manufacturing. When used correctly, the IIoT promotes the competitiveness and thus the sustainability of a company by means of intelligent systems.
Networking is the keyword. A continuous exchange of information and data between different devices and machines is key to increasing efficiency in the Industrial Internet of Things. With sensors that collect and transmit data, production processes can be adapted to changing requirements in real-time - and during operation. This is how real measuring data becomes accessible to digital systems. These systems analyze the collected data, monitor the performance of the machines and can ultimately predict the need for maintenance. This leads to a reduction of disturbances and downtimes and to an optimization of the processes.